best bikini tops for small busts

The Best Bikini Tops for Small Busts that Inspire Confidence

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Summer is on the horizon, and with it comes restless anticipation for poolside days and sunny morning strolls by the beach. Imagining the salty ocean air is more than enough to get me excited about warmer days, lounging in my favorite bikini stress-free – preferably with a refreshing drink in my hand!

No matter your bust size, swimsuit shopping can be a notoriously uncomfortable experience. It’s safe to say that society has had more than enough of a say on women’s bodies, and imposed beauty standards have perpetuated the idea that a certain breast size is necessary to feel confident and beautiful in swimwear. These factors have unsurprisingly taken their toll on us as we try to navigate our own comfort and style preferences in beachwear – but enough is enough! Learning to embrace our own bodies and figures is an essential step in the journey to self-love and acceptance.

For those with a smaller chest like me, shopping for bikini tops can actually be a fun experience. With fewer limitations regarding the need for coverage and support, you tend to have more options, and bikinis for smaller breast sizes come in many different styles that you can choose from. 

Let’s go over the best bikini tops for a small bust and take a closer look at some of the beautiful options that are available to us. 

best bikini tops for small busts

1. Triangle Tops 

best bikini tops for a small bust

With their classic and minimalist aesthetic, triangle bikinis have proven to be a versatile and flattering choice for smaller busts. Ranking number one as my personal favorite style, this design is simple in nature, allowing for a natural and understated elegance that can complement more than one body type.

The triangular shape provides just enough coverage and support for smaller boobs, while still making it easy to maintain a chic and timeless appeal. Beyond being super easy to wear, triangle bikini tops are also extremely easy to style due to their staple and super versatile design, making them one of the best swimsuit styles for small-busted gals. 

Vix Swim Brooke T-Back Bikini Top 

A classic triangle top doesn’t have to equal a simple, or basic bikini! This Banana Republic top features gorgeous materials and front details that elevate a basic triangle bikini to an eye-catching moment in itself. Blending classic style and a summery, tropical edge, this bikini will have you looking like you belong! 

Padded Triangle Bikini Top

If you naturally lean towards cleaner and more timeless silhouettes, experimenting with different colors can be a great way of finding variety in your closet while still staying true to your individual style preferences.

For spring and summer, colors like this light blue are ideal for a day out by the pool or an oceanside getaway. Pairing beautifully with a tan, this color effortlessly encapsulates the warm weather feel.

Push-up Triangle Bikini Top 

For those who like push-up bras, there’s no need to give up your preferred silhouette when shopping for bikinis – there really are hundreds of great options available! This push-up bikini gives you the enhancement you want alongside this traditional triangle cut. 

2. Bandeau Tops 

Bandeau tops are one of the styles that are most appropriate for small breasts, as they are known for offering less support than is needed for those that have large busts.

If you’re looking for an even décolletage tan and are planning to spend your days lounging and lying on the beach, then this style might be one you want to consider.

Often very flattering and available in many cute versions, this type of bikini top has a naturally very flattering fit, enhancing your chest area while keeping your collarbone area bare and free from those pesky tan lines. 

If you are looking to spend a lot of time in the water but don’t want to sacrifice this style, you don’t have to! A lot of bandeau tops also feature removable straps for moments when you are looking for that extra bit of support.

Tori Bandeau Bikini Top 

This particular style gives you just that (the option to remove your straps), on top of gorgeous details like front ruching and side-seam boning for increased support. 

Onia Luna Bandeau Bikini Top 

Keep things minimal and classic with this burgundy bandeau bikini top. Removable padding and side-boning give this piece structure and some support for a comfortable fit. 

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3. Halter Neck Tops

Halter necks make the perfect bikini top if you are looking for a more feminine, flattering style for your smaller bust. The straps tying around the neck not only provide a customizable and consequently more comfortable fit, but they also work to sculpt a flattering V-shape that enhances the chest area. 

What sets halter neck tops aside is their versatility – they effortlessly transition from sun-soaked beach days to stylish poolside soirées. When it comes to more specific styles within this model, experimentation is essential in finding your perfect match!

Often including embellishments or featuring beachy patterns, a halter top can easily be a way for you to express your personal style while guaranteeing comfort and confidence at the same time. 

Seafolly Collective Halter Bandeau Bikini Top 

This halter-neck bikini top is also a great example of how this style is ideal for those who are looking for a little more support than what a bandeau top can offer, for example. Even though having small boobs means you may not need as much support, a little extra reinforcement can be great for a refreshing swim or to play around with the kids once in a while! 

4. Underwire Tops

With a more structured and supportive fit, underwire bikini tops are known and beloved for their ability to provide a natural lift and enhance your curves. The underwire design provides confidence and comfort to many who are looking for an extra bit of support, without taking away from the aesthetic design of the bikini. 

With various styles and designs available – from classic to contemporary – these bikini tops offer versatility and sophistication, making them an addition to really consider integrating into your swimwear collection. 

Rosse Underwire Ribbed Bikini Top

Made from soft, ribbed material, this fully lined bikini top features adjustable straps for ultimate comfort and variety. Offering minimal coverage and underwire support, this style is a great choice for those looking to enjoy a flattering silhouette and stress-free leisure time. 

Check Ruched Underwire Bikini Top 

Craving some color? This more feminine pink design offers a more contemporary take on the underwire style, featuring a bright pink color and a checkered pattern. Featuring adjustable ties at the front and adjustable straps as well, this lined bikini keeps you supported and comfortable while also working to flatter your chest area! 

Onia Flora Top

If you’re into more modern or contemporary pieces, underwire bikinis can also be the right choice for you. With its structured silhouettes and enhanced seams, this particular style allows you to show off your style preferences while also gently shaping and flattering your bust. 

5. Plunge Tops

Plunge tops are yet another bikini style popular among those looking for elegant and stylish options. Centering around deep necklines, these designs bring about a super flattering and elongating effect that complements those with smaller busts. Not only does the plunging neckline offer an extra flair, but it also enhances your chest area with a flattering overall fit.

For vacations where you’ll be transitioning from the poolside to a fun midday lunch with friends, plunge tops transition seamlessly from occasion to occasion, always keeping you ready and chic. 

High Remi Plunge Bikini Top 

Ideal for a poolside day where all you plan to do is lounge, this plunge bikini top is sure to earn you major fashion points when it comes to your poolside style. 

Ribbed fabric and a wide underbust band provide some support to keep you comfortable while you sit back and relax. 

6. Asymmetrical Tops

Embracing a contemporary and fashion-forward aesthetic, asymmetrical tops become a striking choice for those with smaller busts. Whether your bikini tops feature a one-shoulder design or a more unique and different style, asymmetry adds a unique element and extra flair to your look that allows you to express your individual style in a fun and flattering way. 

Perfect for lounging and instances when you don’t need increased support, asymmetrical tops are especially interesting for beach or poolside events and special occasions! 

Asymmetrical Bikini Top

Featuring a bright red pink shade and a textured fabric, this bikini top perfectly shows off the allure of this different style. Interesting, flattering, and eye-catching, asymmetric details can truly be a good way to elevate your style when it comes to swimwear. One-shoulder tops like this are ideal for a smaller cup size as they require less support. 

7. Square-Neck Tops

square neck bikini top

Square-neck tops embody a modern and sophisticated look, making them a simple and elegant choice for those with smaller breasts. The distinctive and often blunt neckline provides great coverage for those who want it, while still maintaining a chic silhouette that complements your natural chest area.

With clean lines and a modern-leaning touch, square necklines are great for blending both style and function. Whether you opt for a basic black staple or playful patterns, these bikini tops are a great go-to when it comes to swimwear. 

Square Neck Bralette Bikini Top

Even though those of us with smaller busts don’t need much support when it comes to lounging next to the pool or in a jacuzzi, things can be a little different if movement is involved.

If you like to get active during your sunny vacations, then this square-neck bikini top is a great choice for extra support and comfort. Sleek, classic, and comfortable, this swim top will be with you through it all. 

8. Scoop Neck Tops

This style holds a lot of similarities to its square-neck counterpart but features a more rounded, gently curved neckline that’s flattering and practical for those with smaller busts. Scoop neck tops strike a perfect balance between modesty and style, often providing good front coverage to those who want it while maintaining a charming and feminine appeal. 

Various strap options and back designs make this bikini style easily customizable to your personal preferences, ensuring comfort and confidence wherever you go! 

Onia Sarita Bikini Top 

Featuring a subtle but fun pattern and super simple silhouette, this scoop neck bikini includes darted seams and adjustable slider straps for a flattering fit. Perfect for an afternoon of beach volleyball or a laid-back, chill day enjoying the sun in style.

9. Ruffle Tops 

ruffle bikini top best bikini for small busts

Embracing a playful and feminine vibe, bikini tops that feature details like ruffles become another great option for small chests. 

This design choice adds both charm and visual interest to the chest area, creating some added volume and making for a flattering fit. Whether it’s a subtle ruffle detail or an intricate frill pattern, these tops will keep your beach trips sweet and chic. 

Ulla Johnson Azores Ruffled Printed Bikini Top

This pink, patterned bikini perfectly exemplifies the idea behind a ruffle bikini – an elevated yet fun and feminine design that brings movement and balance to the chest area. 

Chris Ruffle Bikini Top

If you love the idea of ruffles but want something with a little more definition, this bikini is one to consider! Enhancing all of the right places, this different take on a classic triangle bikini top 

Delicate ruffles line the front of the straps and travel down to the front of the bikini, making for a flattering fit that enhances the bust area and adds some volume as well. 

The Best Bikini Tops for a Small Bust Are What Makes You Feel Good

Whether you enjoy the timelessness of triangle tops, the laid-back chic of bandeaus, or the modern elegance of square necks, the options are plenty to choose from. The key to landing on the best bikinis? Going with what feels right. 

The bottom line is, choosing the ideal bikini isn’t just about following trends or particular styles – it’s a chance to express your style and feel the most you! Just like with your everyday outfits, let your bikini style be a reflection of your personality and unique charm. 

Now that you’ve got the perfect swimsuit for beach days, vacation, and spring break, now is the time to focus on your outfits! Up Next: A Minimalistic and Chic Tropical Vacation Capsule Wardrobe


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