Sunglasses that are in style

The Top 7 Sunglasses That Are in Style Right Now

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Sunglasses are the perfect way to elevate your outfit without trying too hard. The perfect sunglasses are a must-have finishing touch to a look because they can transform an outfit from meh to chic in seconds. Because sunglasses inject your look with an abundance of style, it’s no surprise that the fashion world has developed an obsession with this accessory. There are many sunglasses out there, but if you’re interested in knowing what’s popular now, then here you’ll find the top sunglasses that are in style to add to your sunglasses collection this season!

1. Angular Cat Eye Sunglasses

sunglasses that are in style

Pro tip: Chic outfits really come down to the accessories. And for an accessory that can really elevate a look, try cat-eye sunglasses. Whether you have a vintage style or simply like to make a statement, angular cat-eye silhouettes can add a big statement to an outfit.

Wondering if you can pull these off? Round/oval faces tend to look best with angular lines, though some consider these to be universally flattering for every face shape and style. Either way, you can use this style to accessorize your spring/summer outfits for a chic look!

2. Square Sunglasses

sunglasses that are in style

Because of the classic frame shape, square frames are a popular choice for fashionable women. And thanks to the bold, modern lines, this timeless shape is particularly good for a round face shape because the square shape will be wider than your face, therefore adding more balance to make it appear longer and slimmer.

These sunglasses are also perfect if you need a subtle statement piece in your collection. Pair them with anything from your casual outfits to your dress and straw hat for a lovely summer look.

3. Rectangular Sunglasses

sunglasses that are in style

Rectangular shape sunglasses have been able to stand the test of time, which is why they’re worth trying out this season. These black sunglasses have a bold look that was popular in the 90s and is popular now.

This throwback style channels the cool 90s aesthetic, so if you want to sprinkle a little bit of retro fashion into your outfit, then try pairing these with anything from your denim skirt to your cut-off shorts.

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4. Round Sunglasses

sunglasses that are in style

Your collection is not complete without classic black round sunglasses! From warm weather to winter, they are perfect to wear at any time of year and can fit all fashion aesthetics.

Wear them with everything from a little black dress, blazer and jeans, winter coat, and leggings – the list goes on. They are one of the best sunglasses trends to come out of the fashion world because they are so timeless, easy to style, and versatile.

5. Sports Sunglasses

sunglasses that are in style

Whether you love it or hate it, your dad’s sunglasses are coming back in style. If you are the kind of person who loves to live in athleisure 24/7, then these may be a style you can effortlessly work into your daily style. Pair them with your sporty outfits or wear them on your way to the gym.

If you’re unsure about these sunglasses, the best style tip I can give is to team up the sunglasses with classic pieces, such as a basic white tee, blazer and jeans, or a biker jacket and straight-leg jeans.

6. Oval Sunglasses

sunglasses that are in style

Step out of your comfort zone and elevate your style with these eye-catching sunglasses. There is just something ultra-feminine and bold about these glasses that make them an instant hit.

Complete oval sunglasses with your favorite dress and handbag and your entire outfit will look like it’s straight from Saint Laurent.

7. Wire Frame Sunglasses

sunglasses that are in style

Of course, wireframe sunglasses like aviator styles had to be added to this list of sunglasses that are in style. Bomber jackets are making a comeback and they will pair perfectly with this style. You’ll find them in a slew of colors, but it’s best if you stick to classic hues.

This style can easily amp up your off-duty look. Style with a white button-down shirt, straight-leg jeans, jacket, and white sneakers – and you’ve got yourself a casual chic look.

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Though we don’t consider every sunglass style on here to be a timeless staple (sporty glasses, we’re looking at you), it can be fun to play around with new shapes to elevate your look. Because after all, having sunglasses that are in style on rotation is the perfect way to look effortlessly fashionable!

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