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Marco Island, Florida iPhone Photo Diary

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We just returned from Marco Island, Florida and it’s always a bit of a bummer to trade the view of sun and beach for snow and gray clouds. We’re always having the conversation about eventually moving to a warmer climate, but for now, planning mini getaways and beach vacations are what gets us through these long winters. I know that not everyone gets the chance to travel, so I’m thankful that we have the opportunities and support to make kid-free trips happen!

I was very hands-off planning for this mini getaway trip to Marco Island. The point of this trip was to be a break after a busy end of the year with my work, as well as a refresh for the new year.

Why Marco Island? Well, admittedly, there was not much of a reason Titus chose this specific place. He chose it because it was the warmest spot we could get to with a direct flight (and a little driving) from our small airport.

Though I had never heard of Marco Island before, it ended up being a very charming place that we loved! Because the point of this was to relax, I didn’t even bring out my camera or post to Instagram, but I did capture moments on my phone!

We stayed at the Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa and upgraded to get a poolside room. Now there’s a luxury I didn’t even know I needed!

We had direct access to the pool from our room and it’s so nice and convenient to walk straight to the pool instead of having to travel throughout the hotel, take the elevator in a wet swimsuit, etc. Of course, it’s just that, a luxury, but I didn’t know I would like it so much.

And you would think it’d be noisy being by the pool, but it wasn’t for us. But the demographic at our hotel was very much families, couples, and older travelers. Maybe the time of year, such as spring break, would affect that.

We could see when the hot tub was empty too, so we were able to have it to ourselves for a while which was nice.

So I had planned a bunch of outfits a few weeks prior but the weather shifted drastically a few days before we were meant to leave and my previously picked outfits would have been too bare.

I didn’t have the mental energy to think of new things to wear (Titus was also out of state and I was solo parenting for a bit), so Titus just threw a bunch of things into a suitcase for me and I styled them as I went along!

I was actually pretty happy with my outfits. This is why I’m always talking about the benefits of a curated capsule wardrobe. With versatile pieces, you could throw a bunch of things into a suitcase and still come out with cute looks!

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And though the weather wasn’t hot by any means, the sun still felt nice and strong when laying by the pool. That’s all I wanted so I was pleased. And we even got some sun!

Because we were there for only a short amount of time, we didn’t plan any activities or excursions. We laid by the pool, walked around the island, drove around and looked at houses, and went out to eat. That’s a pretty ideal itinerary for a few days if you ask me!

Oh, and to offset laying around and eating, we walked along the beach and picked up shells (balance, right?). Marco Island is known for its shells and the beautiful white sand had plenty of these pretty treasures.

I personally am a big fan of shorter trips. Less time there equals less guilt about eating unhealthy, paying resort prices, or just doing nothing for days. Okay, so maybe I should just work on my mental health and guilt, but a trip doesn’t have to be long or exotic to be great!

Seize the opportunities you have to take a break, whether that’s a long weekend away to a warmer place or a night off and getting take out from your favorite restaurant.

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