60 degree weather outfits

60-Degree Weather Outfits: Striking the Perfect Balance 

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60-degree weather – it’s not quite like the winter chilly days, but we certainly have not made it into warm weather territory yet, either. This middle-ground temperature can be great to experience after surviving the coldest season (especially if you live in the Midwest like me), but dressing for it can be tricky. This weather calls for a strategic approach to formulating your outfits, blending the need for comfort with your personal style at once. Sound too complicated? Don’t worry. This post is here to answer all of those questions for you, as well as give you some outfit inspirations with a list of curated outfits that will get you through this in-between temperature and into the sunnier days!

Mastering the Basics for Versatility and Comfort

When it comes to navigating the middle ground of weather, there are several factors to take into account before you start planning. Things such as temperature fluctuations throughout the day can mean a very sunny morning can quickly turn into a cool, breezy spring day.

Then there’s the setting or occasion you’re dressing for. Of course, what works for a casual day out with your family might not translate perfectly for the office or a nice dinner with friends. Most important of all, we can’t forget about personal style; how do you maintain your aesthetic without compromising on warmth, comfort, and style?

Before we dive into the looks, let’s take a look at some of the most essential elements to search for when dressing for this type of weather. Just like the closet staples you return to over and over again, these pieces will become the go-to styles in your closet when the temperature hits 60. 


Lightweight Long-Sleeves

Layering is the perfect solution for a lot of us who don’t want to freeze but don’t want to overdress either. Opt for lightweight, breathable materials such as cotton, bamboo, or light merino wool to ensure some nice extra warmth in your looks without the risk of overheating. 

These tops work well on their own on warmer days as well, and, of course, go perfectly as base layers as well. 

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Transitional Sweaters

A thin, fitted sweater can be a standalone piece or layered under a jacket. While they provide a little bit more warmth than a lightweight long sleeve, for example, they are perfect for those who want to rely on fewer layers but still achieve the same result. 

Look for sweaters in a blend of cotton and wool or cashmere for a touch of luxury.

Outer Layers

Opt for styles such as trench coats, structured cardigans, and lady jackets for classic, timeless styles that can also keep you comfortable. These styles are substantial enough to provide warmth during a chilly afternoon, but light enough to carry around if and when you choose to take them off! 



Your everyday hero would never be left out of this list! When shopping for a new pair of jeans, choose a fit that flatters your body type, as well as a versatile style that you can easily pair with a ton of your different looks. 

Midi Skirts and Dresses

If you’re eager to break out your favorite spring pieces and silhouettes, it’s definitely possible to come up with a great look that’s still warm and comfortable for this time of year.

Bringing with them a touch of femininity, a midi skirt or dress in a heavier knit fabric, for example, pairs beautifully with your tops and allows for easy layering with some winter staples like tights or knee-high boots. 


Versatile Boots and Flats

When picking your shoes for mild temperatures like these, it’s always a good idea to go the safe route. Ankle boots in leather or suede offer versatility and style, suitable for both casual and more formal settings.

On days that lean more towards the warmer side, opt for loafers or ballet flats to keep things light and airy. By having these staple options available, you’ll always make sure that you are covered on the colder days, and ready to go when the weather starts to warm up.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s dive right into these outfits and see what we can find!

1. cotton midi dress + Mary Jane flat + small hoop earrings

60 degree outfit idea

dress | flats | earrings 

Sweater dresses are a great place to begin when it comes to picking a piece that strikes a good middle ground between warmth and breathability. Made from 100% organic cotton, this dress features a crewneck detail and relaxed fit that both work to keep you comfortable and elegant throughout your day. 

A midi length and long sleeves keep you covered just enough to stay warm, while subtle design touches like black line details along the neckline, near the hem, and on the sleeves add a sophisticated and aesthetic feel to the piece.

This look is the perfect example that simple can sometimes be best! By picking the perfect dress, all you have to do is pick your shoes and accessories to end up with a chic outfit that can be styled in tons of different ways. 

For shoes, these Mary Jane flats are perfect for those who plan to be on their feet, as they ensure your comfort all day long while also lending a classic look to this ensemble. 

Accessorize with some simple, small hoop earrings for a delicate, polished look. 

2. kick out jeans + plain white tee + knit sweater + boots + crossbody + hoop earrings

60 degree outfit idea

jeans | tee | sweater | boots | bag | earrings

These kick-out jeans kick (pun intended) off this look with a beloved silhouette that’s just perfect for those who prefer more figure-hugging denim to straight-leg, super high-waisted jeans.

This style hugs the body at the top and halfway down the leg, offering plenty of support while its stretch fabric keeps you comfortable and mobile throughout the day. The legs flare out toward the bottom, creating the kick-out style we know and love for the everyday.

Flattering and easy to style, these jeans pair well with the classic white tee and light sweater combination. 60-degree weather is the perfect time for layering, allowing you to be in control of switching up your look and staying comfortable no matter what the temperature changes are. 

On top of being helpful for that purpose, wearing a white shirt under your sweater is one of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to instantly elevate your look with a quick detail that makes a huge difference in the end – chic has never been easier!

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Layer this round-neck knit sweater over the top, including another soft and warm piece that also brings an elegant, simple pattern to the table. Finally, bring it all together with black accessories that tie in the detail on the sweater. 

This mini bag can be worn both as a top-handle piece or a crossbody style, making it super versatile for whatever the day’s activities bring! For the real final touch, opt for a pair of understated silver-toned hoop earrings. 

3. wide-leg pants + ribbed t-shirt + cashmere sweater + trench coat + Mary Jane flat + headband + earrings

60 degree outfit idea

pants | tee | sweater | trench coat | flats | headband | earrings 

Blending different fabrics, silhouettes, and overall styles is the perfect approach when dressing for ambiguous weather, as it allows us to continue adjusting our looks throughout the day for optimal style and comfort at the same time. 

Start this look with these wide-leg soft drape pants that bring movement and breathability to this look. Ultra comfortable, flowy, and easy to wear all day, this piece is very likely to return to your weekly rotation time and time again. 

A white tee makes (once again) for the perfect base on top, peeking out from your sweater for a chic detail, and perfect for when you want to cool down a little throughout the day. This ribbed tee also features a tighter fit, making sure that it doesn’t bunch up under all of your extra layers and keeps you feeling your best. 

Layer this sage cashmere sweater on top, integrating some subtle spring color into this look without having to commit to bright shades you might not wear as much again. Classic in silhouette, color, and fabric, this piece can be worn in hundreds of different elegant ways throughout all of the seasons – can you think of something better?? 

For your final layer, we couldn’t leave out a real spring staple – the classic trench coat. Trade in your super warm puffers for this spring essential that stands out from more traditional designs for its more subtle buttons that can even disappear when it’s tied.

Despite this being a small feature, this detail works to soften the outfit as a whole while still very much maintaining its sophisticated, characteristic look. From rainy days to cooler temps, you’ll be totally covered with this wardrobe staple in hand. 

In the shoe department, these Mary Jane flats follow the same elegant feel as the other pieces and a skinny headband makes for a subtle preppy touch. For earrings, these chunky silver hoops add the perfect subtle flair. This perfect look is a great option for tackling a cooler spring day when you’re just not sure what types of weather you’re going to encounter!

4. cardigan + tank + straight long skirt + platform loafer + bucket tote 

cardigan | tank | skirt | loafer | tote

This next outfit is another versatile option that can be styled differently for several different seasons throughout the year. Made from flowy fabric and featuring a straight, long design, this skirt has a very seamless and elegant look, perfect for more formal office looks and casual tank tops with slides for weekend brunch. 

In this look, pair this skirt with a super soft and comfortable Supima cotton tank. A fitted silhouette on this simple top flatters your figure and keeps your base layer cool and sleek.

For the occasional gusts of wind or chillier moments throughout your day, this classic cream cardigan is the perfect third piece to bring this look together. Simple and elegant, this combination will get you through all of the different temperatures of the day in style. 

A pair of platform loafers work to ground this look with a modern touch, while its timeless style and silhouette also pay an ode to the classic style that has taken over in the past few years. 

Finish it off with this bucket tote for an added interesting shape and sophisticated accessory that can carry everything, from your wallet to your cardigan. 

5. linen pants + v-neck cardigan + classic trench coat + mule + leather tote

60 degree outfit idea

pants | cardigan | trench coat | mule | tote 

Perfect for taking into the office, this next look starts off with a pair of linen drape pants that are more than ideal for this time of year. Featuring a high-waisted fit and a wide-leg fit, these trousers are lightweight, breathable, and slightly sheer, making them ideal for a sunny day when you’re trying to stay away from thicker fabrics like jeans. For 60-degree weather, this option is perfect for balancing heavier items with more airy pieces. 

On top, this fitted rib-knit cardigan makes for a great top option, with a more fitted silhouette and made from 100% organic cotton material. Color-wise, these two beige shades work together seamlessly, creating a classic neutral color palette that can never go wrong. 

The classic trench coat is always a hit, but its black version takes the front stage in this outfit. This timeless design continues the chic appeal of this ensemble, and other black accents like woven mules and a classic leather tote finish off this combination in a sleek style. 

6. smocked midi dress + collar cardigan + knee-high boot + crossbody bag

60 degree outfit idea

dress | cardigan | boots | bag

Transitional weather gives us the perfect opportunity to mix and match pieces we might otherwise not think to style together, and this look exemplifies that concept to a T. 

Starting with this smocked midi dress, this outfit is all about taking some of our favorite seasonal staples and bringing them together into one cohesive final look.

Made from 100% cotton and featuring an a-line skirt, this dress also includes a smocked bodice that hugs your figure and flares outwards into the skirt. Side pockets make for the perfect fan-favorite detail! From 60-degree weather to the sunniest days of the summer, this dress is a truly versatile contender year-round. 

Elevate your dress by pairing it with this structured collar cardigan that can transform your look into something completely different in the blink of an eye. Made from stretchy, super soft material, this cardigan offers a slightly boxier fit and cropped length, making it ideal for pairing with high-waisted bottoms or dresses. 

Accessorize with a crinkle pattern leather bag for some added texture in the look; this crossbody style features a delicate gold chain strap that makes it that much easier to carry around in your adventures. 

For shoes, these knee-high boots make for an elegant final piece, dressing up and elevating this look even further. 

7. turtleneck ribbed sweater + v-neck cardigan + pull-on pant + loafer 

60 degree outfit

sweater | cardigan | pants | loafer

This sweater and light jacket combo makes for a gorgeous and ultra-chic look that’s perfect if you tend to feel colder during 60-degree temperatures. This v-neck cardigan layers well on top of this fine knit turtleneck piece, creating a beautiful visibly layered silhouette.

On the bottom, keep the neutral theme going with this off-white drape pant that’s made from lightweight cotton twill fabric. A pull-on waistband makes this style super easy to put on and wear throughout the day, keeping you comfortable and stylish. 

These loafers are the perfect way to infuse this warmer, classic look with a touch of the summer months with a texture and material that’s similar to that of a straw bag. Brown lining details give this look the perfect subtle accent shade for an extra pop. 

8. long sleeve t-shirt + knit vest + denim midi skirt + knee-high boot + handbag + orb earrings 

tee | vest | skirt | boots | bag | earrings

Midi denim skirts made their return in 2023, and are still very much a very widely talked about and available style to shop today. Based on this piece, this look uses light layering and a neutral but intentional color scheme for a timeless but current outfit that is perfect for transitional weather. 

Starting with the base layers – this fitted, stretchy long-sleeve shirt is made from breathable, soft fabric that features a crew neckline and a body-hugging silhouette. Perfect for offering a little bit more coverage and style at the same time, this shirt goes perfectly under chunkier or larger pieces. 

Time to pick away your puffer vest, your sweater vests are in! On top, this chunky knit vest offers a layer of warmth while also elevating the aesthetic of this outfit. With a cropped length, this style is perfect for pairing with high-waisted pieces for the right proportions. 

A slit at the front of this denim skirt makes it easy to move in and allows for air to flow easily throughout the day. Pockets and a straight silhouette make this skirt super versatile for a number of different tops as well! After all, it’s always about the pieces we can wear over and over again

Accessorize with a pair of tall boots and a convertible crossbody bag that can also be worn on your shoulder with its adaptable straps (again, we love versatility!). Finish off this modern, classy look with orb earrings for a touch of silver. 

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60 Degree Weather Outfits: Meeting Your Transitional Weather Match 

Dressing for 60-degree days doesn’t have to be a puzzle that you just can’t solve (Because you’re missing the last piece! No? Just me?).

By starting with a versatile base layer and adding adaptable pieces, you’re able to create outfits that cater to the day’s unpredictable temperatures while looking your very best and adding your own personal touch to your looks – ideally, with very little effort too!

Remember: the key is always in the materials and styling. Choosing breathable, mid-weight fabrics ensures comfort and style, while styling ensures that you have all of your bases covered when it comes to dressing for strange weather. With these tips, rest assured you’ll be more than well-equipped to handle the day with confidence.

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