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The Best Hermès Dupes from Amazon 

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Ahh, Hermès. When it comes to luxury and exclusivity, there are a few brands that do it quite like the French fashion house. From Birkins and scarves to sandals, our fashion fantasies are filled with these gorgeous, coveted pieces. 

While it’s definitely fun to dream, not all of us can – or want to! – invest in a closet full of these luxurious treasures. For those who marvel at the classic designs of Hermès but don’t quite love the price tags that come with it, there are plenty of designer dupes and alternatives to consider adding to your collection instead.

While it’s obvious that these dupes don’t quite match the original in terms of quality and materials, they do a great job of achieving the overall look that we want, allowing us to rock the styles we love without having to make such a huge commitment.

Philosophy and Style: The Hermès Way

Before we dive into the treasure trove of options, let’s appreciate the magic of Hermès. After all, there has to be something exceptional about this brand to account for its massive success in the fashion industry around the whole world, right?

Founded in 1837, this powerhouse began as a harness workshop, eventually evolving into a symbol of ultimate luxury craftsmanship and timeless design. We understand the level of success that Hermès has reached, but what exactly makes the brand so coveted?

Is it the rarity of the Birkin bags (often way easier to dream about than to actually purchase!), its iconic scarves, or a combination of all its meticulously curated pieces and exceptional service? No matter what the appeal is for you, it is clear that Hermès continues to win over the imagination and the hearts of fashion lovers worldwide. 

Hermès represents more than just luxury, promoting a philosophy of style that prioritizes timeless design over passing trends. Like we see in many other luxury, high-end brands, each piece is crafted expertly with the intent to last through years and generations. 

Before we dive headfirst into the pool of Hermès dupes, let’s talk strategy. Finding a dupe that’s worth trying out needs to check some “quality-control” boxes! Let’s get situated with some tips on how to scope out the best options out there, making it that much easier to tell treasures from trinkets. 

How to Find the Best Hermès dupes

Quality First 

When it comes to quality, Hermès stands at the very top of the ladder, world-renowned for the exceptional craftsmanship of its products. When searching for these designer-inspired pieces, we want to make sure that our alternatives echo this standard – of course, it would be unreasonable to say that we are looking for the same premium artisanship, materials, and overall quality.

However, paying close attention to things like stitching and hardware, for example, can go a very long way toward making sure that your pieces look as good as they can! 

Check Reviews

When looking for great dupes or shopping online in general, I find reviews to be one of the biggest determining factors in whether I want to give something a try or not. It’s important to remember that people have different expectations, priorities, and tastes, so some reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. 

My pro tip? Stay on the lookout for great reviews that specifically discuss different elements of the bag, shoes, or scarf, for example, as these tend to be more neutral and can really help the everyday consumer make a final decision. 

Balance Price & Value

While the appeal of a lower price point is undeniable, it’s important to also think about the value of the pieces you’re looking at. An exceptionally cheap dupe might be great on your wallet, but it might also compromise on quality and be a bag you don’t really want to wear after all. 

Especially when talking about Hermès dupes, the price will be a tiny fraction of the original, meaning it might be worth investing a little more for the look you are after.

Now, ready to get started?

Let’s get into some of the best Amazon dupes for our favorite Hermès products out there.

hermes dupes on amazon

Hermès Kelly Bag 

Any fashion enthusiasts will know that the Kelly is not just a handbag, it’s a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication. Famously named after the actress Grace Kelly, this iconic piece is crafted from the finest leather and adorned with precious metals, featuring a distinctive strap and lock closure that adds both security and a touch of luxury.

Available in various colors and leathers, the Kelly Bag is a statement piece that truly exudes elegance and style, perfect for any occasion from daytime outings to the most glamorous evenings. 

Due to its exclusivity and huge variety (think materials, sizes, and colors), it’s hard to pinpoint the exact retail cost of each style as they aren’t sold publicly by the French brand; with that in mind, remember that any included cost estimates for the original bags are based on resale values and available price charts!  

Amazon Dupe

Made from PU leather and featuring that familiar structured silhouette, this bag is a great choice for those who are after a dupe for the smaller Kelly sizes. Easy to carry and available in 19 different colors, this handbag also includes a scarf and a charm accessory that are also known to be trademarks of the brand. 

Sturdy and well-made, this bag is definitely worth looking into if you’re looking to grow your handbag collection. 

Amazon Dupe

This Amazon find offers a nod to the classic sophistication of the Hermès Kelly Bag without the steep price tag we’re looking to dodge! It features a similar strap and lock design, providing both style and functionality. Crafted from vegan leather, this piece offers a great feel and just the right look for those looking to add a dash of elegance to their look. 

As a versatile accessory, this bag can complement a wide number of your different looks and even aesthetics, meaning it’s just right for those looking to infuse their wardrobe with an extra touch of chic. 

Amazon Dupe

Also made from faux leather, this bag is another dupe that does a great job of channeling the style of the Hermès Kelly at a much lower price point. 

At a similar size to the first dupe mentioned on this list, this bag is the perfect small accessory for tackling whatever your week brings in the ultimate chic style. 

Ready to upgrade your wardrobe to a chic style? I created a resource for you that will help you build your wardrobe to be timeless and chic, forever!

hermes dupes on amazon

Hermès Birkin Bag

More than any other Hermès piece out there, the Hermès Birkin Bag is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, standing as one of Hermès’ most iconic creations of all time. 

Crafter with unparalleled attention to detail by expert artisans, each Birkin is assembled from the finest materials such as leather, crocodile, and ostrich leather.

Featuring a super spacious interior, sophisticated lock and key mechanism, and sturdy handles, the Birkin is both a statement piece and a classic, practical accessory sought-after by collectors and fashion lovers all over the world (does anyone else fit into this category?!).

More specifically, this ostrich leather Birkin makes for a rare style that is incredibly expensive (we’re talking about new car prices here) and hard to find, even when it comes to resale pieces. 

Amazon Dupe

For such a rare and exclusive piece, this Amazon dupe does a great job of featuring the main identifying features of the original bag. Made from vegan leather, this piece includes rolled handles, anti-scratch, and tear-resistant material for a durable bag that can always be by your side. 

This structured leather tote features a similar silhouette to the iconic Birkin, complete with a twist-lock closure and a very spacious interior. Including a matching clutch, this bag is a perfect way to bring this iconic look into your collection (and you get to pick and choose just the way you want it, too!). 

Hermès Silk Twill Scarf 

The Hermès scarf is another extremely iconic piece from the French brand, effortlessly infusing any outfit with an added layer of flair, style, and personality. Vibrant designs and premium silk material have made all Hermès scarves known for their exceptional quality and trademark look.

Whether you are looking to tie this scarf around your bag, wear it on your neck, or as a headscarf, this beautiful accessory is one to keep your eyes on when browsing a Hermès store. 

Amazon Dupe

These scarf alternatives capture the luxurious look and versatility of the Hermès silk scarf with a beautiful, intricate pattern that mirrors the luxury brand. While the patterns themselves are entirely different, the color schemes found on these dupes feature similar colors and intricate designs that work towards a very similar look. 

Pro tip! This particular design is better to use during the nighttime, as its satin fabric can be slightly too iridescent for the day. 

Need some ideas on how to style your scarf? I’ve got a video for you here!

Amazon Dupe

This more expensive dupe option gives a far more realistic “silky” fabric, meaning it’s perfect for wearing at any time of the day. Available in many different patterns and color schemes, this dupe offers endless possibilities when it comes to finding a piece that matches your individual style.

hermes dupes on amazon

Hermès Oran Sandals

The epitome of luxury in simplicity, the Hermès Oran sandals are a beloved piece that many fans of the brand (I own a pair – s0 myself included) consider a staple. These iconic slides feature an H-cutout over the top, representing the brand’s elegance and quality craftsmanship.

Made from calfskin and featuring a natural leather sole, these sandals are designed for both comfort and style, making them perfect for any occasion. Their minimalist design ensures versatility, effortlessly complementing everything from casual summer dresses to your favorite pair of jeans.

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Amazon Dupe

For those who adore the style of Oran sandals but prefer a more budget-friendly option, this dupe is the perfect choice! Capturing the essence of the Hermès original, these sandals feature a similar H-cutout design. 

These slides are a great choice for achieving that coveted Hermès aesthetic at a fraction of the price. Made from faux leather, these sandals include a very subtle heel, as well as a soft insole platform to make walking that much more comfortable. 

It’s not hard to see why this piece has gained enormous popularity as an everyday shoe – especially during the spring and summer months. Available in a wide variety of colors – from bolds to neutrals – this dupe ensures it can fit seamlessly into your collection, complementing your personal style just the way you need it to. 

Chypre Sandal

Made in Italy and titled “techno-sandal” by the brand itself, the Chypre sandal features calfskin and an anatomical rubber sole – safe to say you can expect to be comfortable! Adjustable straps make for the perfect fit that can be catered to your feet, and a sleek and contemporary design makes this shoe easy to pair with your favorite everyday looks. 

Amazon Dupe

Composed of PU leather, these Amazon sandals feature a very similar look to the Hermès original, featuring a flat sole for unmatched, all-day comfort (talk about a perfect vacation shoe!).

With an adjustable velcro strap, these sandals are also able to be adjusted perfectly to your feet, making you feel more secure as you stroll through town. 

Chypre Sandal in Shearling 

In its shearling version, these sandals make for the ideal cold-weather shoe to keep you comfortable all day long without having to sacrifice style. 

Including the same features as its regular version, these sandals can be adjusted to fit you perfectly, and materials of the highest quality make you feel more comfortable than you can imagine. 

Amazon Dupe

Comfort foam padding and soft materials ensure that this dupe is also an extremely comfortable alternative to add to your collection. Beloved by hundreds of satisfied reviewers, these sandals give you the perfect shoe to walk in all day. 

Oasis Sandals

The Oasis Sandals feature a very similar design to the Oran style, with one main difference – a taller heel! Made from calfskin, this shoe is perfect for those who love to go for an elongated silhouette without missing out on comfort or the iconic Hermès signature look. 

Available in 21 different colors and even some different materials, these sandals are such a staple they can be worn every day during the spring and summer, complementing all of your favorite looks. 

Amazon Dupe

These Amazon dupes for the Oasis sandals feature a very similar overall look, with the main difference being the color of the heel. While the “real deal” features a solid wood heel, the dupe version includes a white block heel that matches the colors at the front of the sandal. 

This version does a great job of offering durable materials and a comfortable fit that’s easy to walk in, beyond, of course, the beautiful coveted look of Hermès. 

hermes dupes on amazon

Hermès Kelly 18 Belt

Featuring the same hardware that we can find on the Kelly bag, this belt is yet another iconic piece from the brand, coveted for its ultra-luxurious look and quality materials. Easily adjustable and perfect for accessorizing various silhouettes, this leather belt will remain in your closet for decades to come when cared for properly. 

Amazon Dupes

Sturdy, easy to wear, and adjustable like the original, these skinny “leather” belts feature that iconic Hermès look for a very affordable price. Perfect for wearing both on your waist and on your hip, this belt is sure to become a quick staple in your closet. 

Hermès Pop H Trio 15 Belt

Crafted out of polished calfskin leather, this is just the accessory that elevates your outfit without overpowering it. With a subtle, almost undetectable logo, a belt like this enhances your outfit without making it seem like you’re “trying too hard”.

Amazon Dupe

This thin belt gives you another style option to integrate into your wardrobe, while still featuring that identifiable Hermès feel. This design translates into a delicate, well-made dupe that offers both function and style at the same time. 

Available in black, brown, orange, and white, this belt can accessorize whatever color palette you prefer for a truly accessible cost. 

The Best Hermes Dupes On Amazon: Embracing Elegance, Our Way

While there’s no question about the exceptional quality of Hermès products, it’s not a secret that the cost of these exclusive items isn’t based solely on those elements. While the essence and aesthetic of the French brand – with its impeccable craftsmanship, timeless design, and dedication to quality – set an incredibly high standard in the fashion industry, it also inspires the search for beauty and elegance elsewhere.

As I mentioned before, dupes are a great way to integrate the styles we love but don’t want to invest in and are also perfect for testing out any possible future fashion investments to see if they’d be the right choice for us. Whatever your reasoning, it’s about doing what works for you!

These dupes go to show that it’s not always about the price or the brand of a particular piece, but instead about how you wear it. In embracing these alternatives for whatever the reason may be, we all get to partake in the inspiring and beautiful world of fashion in the way we’d like. 

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