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Unbelievable Skims Dupes You Can Grab on Amazon Right Now

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If you’ve been eyeing the ultra-comfortable and stylish pieces from Kim Kardashian and her brand Skims, but don’t want to break the bank, I’ve got some good news for you! Thanks to Amazon, you can now get the Skims look for less with their much more affordable options. From seamless bodysuits to cozy dresses, these Skims Amazon dupes may fool even the most dedicated fashion fans – and you don’t have to spend a fortune. In this post, I’m comparing and reviewing the most popular Skims items and their affordable alternatives. Head to head in a battle of Skims version vs the cheaper alternative – let’s see who wins!

1. Skims Soft Lounge Long Slipdress ($78) vs Slip Ribbed Maxi Dress ($34.99)

Skims Long Slip Dress

skims black dress

The Skims slipdress is renowned for its premium ribbed fabric (crafted from modal and spandex) that caresses the skin, offering superior comfort while highlighting the body’s natural curves. Touted as both a wear-at-home and wear-out dress, this piece has many adoring fans.

Skims Dupe Amazon

skims dupe amazon

Crafted from a blend of rayon and spandex, this Skims Amazon dupe offers a similar plush feeling and flattering fit.

This Amazon alternative tries to mirror Skims’ inclusive sizing but doesn’t come close, size options range from small to XX-large, whereas, with Skims, this dress is available in XXS-4x.

However, similar to Skims, this dupe is available in many color options, from neutral colors like black to colorful hues like periwinkle, making it a promising option for different wardrobes and personal styles.

Now, let’s compare. The Skims dress on the left has a wider neckline and a slightly deeper color in person, but other than that, they are nearly identical in both feel and fit. They fit TTS and I’m wearing a size S in both.

Though the ribbed material, fit, color, and comfort are nearly the same, it’s worth mentioning that the dupe arrived with a few stray threads, making the Skims dress look slightly more expensive.

Keep in mind that both styles reveal underwear lines, so it’s likely you’ll need to invest in some seamless or very thin undergarments if you don’t already have them. 

If you’ve been eyeing a fitted dress like this then you can’t go wrong with either. But if you’d like to save some money, this Amazon dupe is a great alternative and the best part is that you’ll hardly notice the difference!

2. High Neck Bodysuit ($58) vs Sleeveless Racer Back Halter Neck Bodysuit ($26.99)

Skims High Neck Bodysuit

skims bodysuit

Meant to “hold you in and lift you up”, this piece is loved for its body-sculpting fit and figure-flattering design, making the Skims bodysuit a staple in many fashion-forward closets. This one is crafted from polyamide and elastane and I sized up to a medium.

Skims Dupe Amazon

skims dupe amazon

Mimicking the smooth and fitted feel, this option is made from polyester and spandex fabric, and is double-lined, helping to hide any bra lines (or allowing you to skip one altogether if that’s your thing). I’m wearing a small.

Time to compare. Can you tell the difference?

The Skims bodysuit on the left is a little bit softer and has a slightly different cut on the shoulder, whereas the dupe on the right reveals less of the chest and shoulder area. Neither cut is better or worse, just simply a matter of personal preference.

Another key difference is that the dupe has a liner that makes it feel thicker, but people either love or hate liners, so another matter of personal preference.

All in all, the Amazon dupe is nearly identical to the Skims bodysuit! It’s the perfect dupe. Whichever one you choose, Skims or dupe, this sleeveless bodysuit would be a perfect companion to summer – pair it with anything from denim shorts to a flowy maxi skirt. Layer on some dainty necklaces and you’re golden. In the fall and winter, you can layer it under cozy cardigans and stylish blazers.

3. Cotton Jersey T-Shirt ($48) vs Casual Basic Top ($23.99)

Skims Cotton Jersey Tee

skims fitted tee

Offering a looser fit than the bodysuits, this is a “tried and true” classic that’s perfect for layering or wearing on its own. Thanks to the stretchy fabric and cute baby tee feel, this has become one of Kim Kardashian’s best sellers. I’m wearing a small.

Skims Dupe Amazon

skims dupe amazon

Made from rayon and spandex, this pick offers the same fitted feel and versatility – whether you wear it for going out, staying in, layering, or being active. I’m wearing a small.

Similar in fit and feel, I’m pleased to offer another great alternative to one of Skim’s best sellers!

The main difference is that the dupe on the right is more cropped, slightly softer, and has a deeper color. Though I’ve had my Skims tee for a few years now, which may have contributed to the faded look.

Do you prefer more color options? The dupe delivers, with options from light grey to bright yellow.

So which one to pick? If you don’t mind the cropped fit, then in this case, the Skims dupe may be a better pick due to the vibrant color and slightly softer feel.

But as a bonus, neither of these options reveals your undergarments as much as the fitted bodysuits and dresses, making it a more wearable top.

4. Fits Everybody Long Sleeve Crewneck Bodysuit ($54) vs Pumiey Crew Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit Second-Skin ($28.99)

Skims Long Sleeve Bodysuit

skims dupe amazon

The Skims bodysuit is a versatile, body-hugging staple piece with a clean, seamless finish that promises comfortable, all-day wear. It is touted for its innovative design that adapts to most body shapes. I’m wearing a small.

Skims Dupe Amazon


Meanwhile, the Pumiey bodysuit boasts a skin-hugging silhouette as well and promises a sleek, stylish appearance with an elegant crew neck cut. The second-skin bodysuit offers an equal level of comfort.

Now side by side, let’s compare! The most obvious difference is the color.

The dupe on the right offers a more pigmented shade of pink while the Skims version is softer and paler. Which color is better? It all depends on your skin tone and personal preference!

The dupe, though not the exact shade of pink, does feel softer to the touch and offers more room to move and stretch the arms when compared to Skims, as the Skims option is tighter and more restricting.

The crew neckline differs slightly as well. The Skims bodysuit is higher and more pronounced, while the dupe’s neckline is lower and more seamless.

With both options, you would need a certain type of bra, because as you can see, it is very tight and revealing of what’s underneath.

On theme with this post so far, both options have marginal differences and you can’t go wrong with either, but if you want to save money, then the dupe wins!

5. Fits Everybody Long Sleeve Crewneck Dress ($88) vs Crew Neck Lounge Long Dress ($37.89)

Skims Long Sleeve Crewneck Dress in Slate

skims long dress

The lounge dress is a versatile garment known for its luxurious and stretchy fabric. It hugs the body nicely, enhancing all types of figures. I’m wearing a medium.

Skims Dupe Amazon

skims dress dupe amazon

This long dress, with a significantly lower price tag, focuses more on comfort and casual style. It has a more relaxed fit, making it an option for lounging around or running errands. Although it lacks the luxe feel of the Skims dress, its affordable price and comfortable design make it a popular choice. I’m wearing a small.

Because these are not identical comparisons, there is not a clear winner. But I’ll give you the facts and you decide what you like best!

Personally, I find the Skims dress to be too restricting to wear around home as a lounge dress.

Though the ribbed material of this alternative is more comfortable, it is pretty long, and tripping over your dress is a high possibility.

They’ll both show undergarments, meaning you’ll need to wear the proper bra and panties.

Though I love the idea of a cozy lounge dress, both of these miss the mark slightly in different ways. Skims feels too tight to wear comfortably and the dupe is also tight and too long. However, it’s not my personal style and comfort to wear something this tight anyway.

So if this style aligns with you, then all in all, though the Skims length is better, I favor the dupe’s ribbed material, comfort, and color more.

Finding the Best Skims Dupes on Amazon

After trying these out for myself, I can confidently say that some of the best Skims dupes are on Amazon! If you want to avoid the hefty price tags and choose the cheaper option, you can without sacrificing style or comfort. Sometimes there’s nothing like the real thing, but in this case, these best Skims alternatives can give you a near-identical fit and style.

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