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Sezane Dupes for the Ultimate French Girl Style

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent hours scrolling through Sézane’s online catalog, dreaming of a closet that can reflect that effortless French elegance. As a fashion brand, Sézane has definitely seemed to master the art of combining contemporary design with timeless Parisian style, making it a go-to for women who are after that coveted flair. Naturally, the French brand has established itself as many people’s favorite brands when it comes to finding beautiful, quality clothing. 

As much as I love to admire these gorgeous timeless pieces, I have to be real: it’s not always realistic to click “checkout” on every cart we fill up online – quality and style do often come accompanied by a hefty price tag, after all. Sure, this can be disappointing, but there’s no need to be bummed out for too long!

Investing in quality pieces when possible is a smart move, but for those of us watching our budgets while still wanting to channel our inner French girl, there’s good news! Dupe territory can be overwhelming, but that also means that there are hundreds of great pieces and alternatives just waiting to be discovered.

Before we dive into some of these pieces, let’s explore a little of what makes Sézane a reference for so many in the fashion industry, and how you can achieve a similar style without breaking the bank. (Not into history? Scroll on!)

The Sézane Appeal

Over the years, Sézane has established itself as a reference for the sought-after French aesthetic – think well-cut blouses, perfect-fit jeans, and a classic, timeless handbag that brings every look together. What sets this brand apart is not just the quality of their materials, but rather the lifestyle that they sell along with it.

Sézane unique charm can also be found in its sustainability efforts, as they work to champion slow fashion and be mindful of their own production processes. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling great in what you wear, knowing it was crafted with care for both people and the planet.

In the end, all of these aspects come together to result in a great product at a premium price. And though splurging for the “real thing” can be the right choice at times, other times, you may be interested in an alternative look. Let’s get into some dupes of the French brand’s most popular items!

sezane dupes

Emile Cardigan

Made from a majority blend of alpaca and wool, this soft cardigan has captured the hearts and Pinterest boards of women around the globe (including mine, of course). 

This ultra-soft, oversized cardigan makes for a piece that’s comfortable and stylish in equal measure. Slightly puffed sleeves and a round, higher-neck cardigan define the silhouette of this cardigan and give it a truly elegant feel. I own this cardigan and I can attest to the comfort and coziness; the only downside is that it sheds.

Available in 17 colors, this style is a great way to brighten up your spring wardrobe this year!

Ribbed Crewneck Cardigan

Featuring a high neckline and a similar structure, this crewneck cardigan captures the essence of its Sézane version with its chic aesthetic and timeless silhouette.

Available in 3 neutrals, this cardigan can be easily matched with a variety of bottoms, as well as be worn as both a top itself or layered over your favorite t-shirt. 

A soft knit fabric (with less chance of shedding) takes care of the comfort requirement, leaving you stress-free and ready to enjoy whatever your day has in store.

Saroise Top

Delicate touches such as uses of lace and embroidery can be argued to be true signature touches of French women in fashion. Especially when paired with more masculine pieces and silhouettes like oversized blazers, these feminine details come together beautifully in true Parisian fashion.

A blend of a silk blouse and a tank top, this lace-trimmed camisole perfectly represents this concept in action. Incredibly soft and comfortable, this top allows you to infuse your look with extra flair while also keeping things subtle and delicate at the same time. With scalloped lace detailing all along the front and back “necklines”, this top is a gorgeous choice for any classic collection.

Lace-Trimmed Camisole Top

This jersey camisole top has the same appeal as the “original”, with lace trim detail along the front neckline.

This soft material keeps things breathable and comfortable throughout the day or night, and a slightly higher neckline than the Sézane top is a great detail for those who like a little more coverage on the chest area.

sezane dupes

Betty Cardigan

Crafted from merino wool, this charming, structured cardigan is among the best-selling pieces of the brand. Available in a wide variety of neutral, bright, and bold colors and patterns, this cardigan features a more structured silhouette with a shirt collar and chest pockets.

Able to paired with anything – from jeans to skirts and trousers. This cardigan is truly versatile, and can easily blend into your closet to complement the pieces you already own and love. While this cardigan is not cropped, the style does fall slightly shorter than a traditional design would, similar to the length of a regular t-shirt. 

This premium material ensures that you will stay comfortable in your cardigan, regardless of the weather. Perfect to wear both as a top or on top of your favorite white cotton tee, this cardigan can definitely make its way into many more looks than you may think.

Patch-Pocket Shacket

If you love the look but don’t love the price so much, then this Amazon dupe might be your perfect match. For (much) less than half of the price, this alternative is a great choice for those wanting to experiment with this style!  

Structurally, this cardigan has the same defining features as the Sézane piece, featuring front pockets, button detailing, and a shirt collar. The length is also the same, not cropped but not quite as long as a traditional cardigan. 

Details like the color of the buttons seem to once again be very similar in both styles. When it comes to the material, this item is listed as a “Merino” cardigan, though I’m not sure there’s a surefire way to confirm the exact material. This knit fabric, though, seems to be very highly regarded by hundreds of reviewers who have personally tried out this dupe. 

Organic Cotton T-Shirt

This might look like a regular t-shirt at first, but fashion enthusiasts will know that the material and the cut of even the most basic staples really make a difference in the end result.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this t-shirt has been meticulously designed to be comfortable, timeless, and easy to style. With short sleeves, a rounded neckline, and a slightly oversized fit, this piece easily adapts to various different outfits you might go for.

Available in 11 different colors, this shirt can easily elevate your simplest look into one of the best French girl looks – all that’s missing is a great pair of jeans, some dainty jewelry, and a pair of Mary Jane flats! 

Organic Cotton Tee

When it comes to a great quality shirt that you’ll want to keep returning to over and over again, the material is a really important element to consider – especially when searching for a great dupe. 

Amazon can be an especially great place to go searching for dupes and good deals, since listings often come accompanied by hundreds of reviews to let you get a good idea of what to expect. 

This t-shirt, also crafted from 100% organic cotton, includes all of the features of the Sezane version; a rounded neckline, short sleeves, and slightly oversized fit make this shirt ideal for styling while also guaranteeing comfort and a soft feel. 

While the premium material of this t-shirt still raises its price, it’s safe to say that it offers very similar features to the original, while still offering a price difference.

Colette Marinière

French fashion lovers will know some of the history behind the famous Breton stripes, originally introduced as the uniform for the French navy. Known now for decades as one of the main French patterns to be used in clothing, the Breton stripes have become somewhat of a symbol for those who are looking to represent the European style all over the world. 

This striped top seems to pay an ode to this piece of fashion history and tradition, as the brand’s own take on the famous pattern. Featuring a long sleeve, a round collar, and button details on the shoulders, this piece is another one that stands amongst the brand’s top-selling styles.

Like all of their other tops, this shirt is available in a very wide variety of colors, too (14, to be exact!). Depending on the shade combination and dominant color of each design, the stripe width may seem to differ. 

Once again, this piece is crafted from 100% organic cotton, ensuring an incredibly soft feel and beautiful fit. Like many French wardrobe staples, this piece can be worn a bunch of different ways; layered over the top of a classic white button-down, on its own, or under a blazer, for example. 

Modern Breton Shirt

Everlane’s version of the Breton tee is available in a much more limited color selection than Sézane, but it includes the most traditional combinations in the style – white & navy, and black & white! For those looking to build a versatile and timeless French closet, then these are the perfect choices for that.

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Featuring long sleeves, made from 100% cotton, and a rounded neckline, this style once again matches a lot of the important elements of the Sézane style, while taking a more minimalistic approach at the same time. 

In this comparison, the biggest difference seems to be the lack of shoulder detail that brings some added charm to the French brand’s piece. If what you’re after is a high-quality piece that will stick around, this version is definitely an option to consider. 

sezane dupes

Scott Trench Coat

Especially as we find ourselves near the “springtime” start line, it makes sense to mention one of the top French closet essentials that go hand in hand with this time of year! A trench coat is likely to always be mentioned when the subject is Parisian fashion, and for great reason!

This ultra-elegant staple is the perfect piece to layer with and throw over various different looks, keeping you warm and protected against the weather while also keeping your style at the forefront. 

This trench coat specifically flaunts a very traditional look, as well as a lot of the elements that you would want from a classic design. Featuring a tie-waist belt, raglan sleeves, and a large lapel collar, this piece carries the trademark essence of the French, falling beautifully on the body. Crafted mainly from 100% organic cotton, this piece also ensures comfort and a great feel. 

Other details in this premium style include a button line both on the shoulder and on the cuffs, as well as a buttoned slit down the back. Small, intentional touches speak to the craftsmanship and intention behind the design, as well as, of course, the quality of the end result!

Classic Trench Coat

This trench coat dupe is a great alternative for those who are after a good quality piece that has the look, without having to make such a significant investment on the Sézane piece. 

This Mango dupe also features a lot of the same elements, while also contributing a little of its own unique flair to the outfit. Made mainly from 100% cotton, this piece includes a tie-waist belt, a lapel collar, and a crossover design. 

The difference can be found in small design details throughout the piece, with this design bringing a little more of a modern edge while still keeping things traditional and subdued at the same time. 

This trench coat is a great dupe for the Sézane piece, as it can be easily styled with other pieces to make for a beautiful, classic, and undeniably French look.   

Bilma Shirt

I’ve mentioned just how much a great button-down is a necessity in a French-inspired closet, and I’ll say it again!

This particular shirt pays an ode to that tradition, while also bringing a little bit of a different edge through this color and striped pattern. As opposed to a plain, light blue button-down, this style is great for elevating your look and turning heads as you stroll, while also very much keeping the essence of the style that you were planning on going with in the first place.

Like any other Sézane piece, this shirt contains various details that set it apart from other pieces, such as wide cuffs, mother-of-pearl buttons, and a large chest pocket. This shirt also features an oversized cut, as well as a traditional shirt collar and button-up front section. 

An oversized fit plays into the androgynous French style aesthetic and is perfect for pairing with jeans to a more feminine skirt and heels. 

Etiénne Shirt

This J.Crew dupe checks all of the boxes of the “original” piece, with skinny white stripes and a gorgeous, deeper blue collar. While this version does not have especially wide cuffs, it does feature an oversized fit and is made from 100% cotton! 

This piece has become a fast favorite among clients of the brand. Like the Sézane shirt, this piece can easily be styled with many different bottoms for various types of looks. Small, white buttons also match the visual of the French brand, giving these two shirts a very comparable look!

sezane dupes

Milo Classic Bag

Yet another best-seller, the Milo bag embodies the true spirit of French fashion. High-quality, compact, and incredibly classic in design, this handbag blends undeniable style and practicality for a conveniently fashionable choice.

The versatility doesn’t just end at its design, though. This bag features an adjustable strap that can be set to three different lengths, transforming your purse into different looks that can complement your outfits in different ways.

Crafted carefully by experts, this bag also includes a gorgeous gold-toned clasp that adds a delicate touch to your overall look. 

Flap Bag

This faux leather Mango dupe nails the look of the Milo bag, with similar elements like the overall shape, the gold-toned magnetic clasp, and the color. Even better, this bag also features a long adjustable strap and two inside compartments to keep your belongings organized. 

The biggest difference between these two styles seems to be in the material, as this bag features an animal print on the faux leather. While subtle, this texture does bring some extra character into your favorite ensembles. 

Overall, this dupe offers one of the best price points in comparison to the Sézane piece – what could be better than getting the look for less?

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Justine Basket

A straw bag is a perfect accessory for the hotter months of the year, giving our looks a sunny, breezy feel without the effort of a full tropical-inspired look. 

Made in Madagascar, this impressive handbag features a hand-woven raffia exterior and double handles for carrying it both on your shoulder and on your hands. Interior lining keeps your belongings safe, and leather ties close the bag when you please.

A gorgeous fan structure defines the silhouette of the bag, giving it an extra touch of that summery feel. 

Allington Tote

With double handles and a black and tan color profile, this bag is a great dupe for the Sézane basket. 

The interior of this bag is lined and includes a detachable pouch that makes it that much easier to stay organized as you’re out and about through town or on a sunny vacation. 

Seagrass straw is used on the exterior of the bag, resulting in a beautiful, malleable, and spacious handbag that still features that classic look. While these two bags differ somewhat in structure and use different materials, the overall look and feel they contribute to an outfit are certainly comparable!

For a far more affordable price, you’re able to infuse your warm weather looks with an incredible accessory. 

Gabin Bag

This bag is another stunning piece from the high-end French brand and is a great choice for when you are going away for the weekend or just feeling like you want to adorn your outfit with an extra large accessory. 

In this stunning camel color, this bag flaunts a casual, slouchy yet elegant structure. Made from 100% split cowhide leather, the bag features a suede-like appearance that softens any look while still contributing visually to your entire ensemble. 

Leather Shopper Bag

Similar in the feel of the material and in its triangular, slouchy structure, this dupe makes for the same casual yet chic effect on your looks. 

Made from 100% bovine leather, this suede bag features a shopper style that is also large in size, despite being significantly smaller than the Sézane handbag. 

For the everyday, the size of this dupe is perfect for both convenience and aesthetic, as it leaves you with plenty of space to carry your personal belongings without calling for a huge fashion statement every time. 

Finding Your Perfect Sézane Dupe

In the search for a quintessential French wardrobe, it’s clear that Sézane sets a high bar with its incredible designs and premium quality pieces. While investing in higher-end pieces is often a great call in the long run, the reality doesn’t always align with our ultimate dream wardrobe.

Sezane dupes are great alternatives for those of us who want to implement these styles into our wardrobes without having to commit to the price every single time.

The fashion landscape is filled with great alternatives that mirror the essence of this beautiful brand at a more reasonable cost. As you mix these stunning pieces into your daily wear, remember that the true heart of French fashion isn’t found in a single brand or price point, but instead in versatile and classic designs of all kinds!

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