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Comfy Airport Outfits to Elevate Your Summer Travel Wardrobe

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With summer inching closer by the day, it’s only normal to start to get (really!) excited about your next trip and the exciting summer activities that are on the horizon. Beyond packing our suitcases full of beach-ready looks and dinner ensembles, having a good airport outfit is essential for a streamlined experience that will make your life easier in the long run. 

Of course, comfort is a priority here! Especially during the summer time, having chic airport outfits does not mean that we can’t find ways of being completely content and cozy in our seats as we try to doze off until landing. After all, the best airport outfits are truly the ones that make you feel the most comfortable! No matter what style you lean towards, trendy, classic, or somewhere in between, there are many different ways of truly nailing airport fashion – it’s really about simple pieces that make sure you are prepared for anything that could happen during your long flights. 

Before we get into the list of curated, comfy airport outfits for summer traveling, it’s important to go over some of the basics of good travel style. This quick checklist is a great way of saving yourself a huge amount of time by reminding you of the things that are crucial to consider before you get started on your shopping. Getting ready for your next flight? Then stick with me! 

Summer Travel Essentials

Unsurprisingly, summer travel calls for an ensemble that blends style and comfort to have you really feeling your best. Begin with a lightweight and versatile pair of pants for the perfect foundation for your travel outfit.

More specifically, a stretchy fabric and loose-fitting silhouette are two elements you’ll likely not want to give up here. Combine it with a well-fitted or breezy top in a soft fabric to ensure you stay cool and comfortable throughout your travel day.

Footwear Matters

We’ve all heard about the travel hack of all travel hacks – traveling with your biggest, heaviest shoes can be really helpful when you are trying to pack light. If you’re in for a long travel day, though, you might want to consider opting for comfortable shoes instead.

Navigating through airports can be a marathon in and of itself, so opt for footwear that balances style and practicality for the best of both worlds. Slip-on sneakers, slippers, or even comfortable sandals are ideal choices for both ease of movement and a touch of chic flair.

The Art of Layering

Sure, this next tip might be more fitting for the colder months of the year, but it’s definitely still valid here. Even if you are traveling during the summer, airports and airplanes are known for their unpredictable temperatures.

To avoid a very uncomfortable trip, always be prepared with a lightweight, stylish layer that goes with the rest of your look. From a cardigan or crewneck sweater to even a tailored blazer, there are many options to choose from – especially depending on where you’re headed.

Accessorize Well 

Traveling with accessories can be immediately overwhelming, especially when you are trying to find pieces that can match not only a variety of your best vacation outfits, but also your airport looks. When it comes to travel, great accessories can be defined as timeless, classic pieces that can be adapted to most – if not all – of your looks. Chic and stress-free… that’s the goal! 

Carry-On Chic 

Your choice of handbag is an essential component of your airport ensemble. Of course, depending on your personal preference and specific travel plans, your needs might change when it comes to picking the right handbag, so it’s always important to keep your priorities in mind.

In general, I recommend opting for a spacious tote or a stylish backpack to carry your essentials in. A well-organized bag can both complement your outfit and also ensure that all of your travel essentials and important travel documents stay safely by your side at all times.

Fabric Matters

When it comes to thinking about comfort, choose fabrics that are not only fashionable but also practical for travel. Lightweight cotton, linen, and jersey fabrics can be particularly great choices as they allow your skin to breathe, ensuring comfort during long haul flights, layovers, and beyond. 

Now, let’s get styling!

1. crewneck t-shirt + knit ribbed pants + ribbed cardigan + slippers + tote + earrings

comfy airport summer outfits

t-shirt | pants | cardigan | slippers | tote | earrings 

There’s nothing like a comfortable loungewear set to make traveling that much more comfortable. Start this look off with this basic white t-shirt that will keep you comfortable and cool during your flight.

Pair with these straight-fit ribbed pants for ultimate comfort as you head to your destination. Whether or not you tend to get cold on flights, bringing this ribbed cardigan with you is a must. Not only does it make a set with your trousers, instantly making you look more put together, but it also keeps you comfortable and warm without taking too much space from your tote or backpack.

For shoes, these Ugg slippers can be considered the perfect look and travel shoe. Beloved by many for its aesthetic and ultra-comfortable fit, these socially acceptable slippers will truly have you covered when it comes to traveling comfortably without compromising on your style at all. 

Add a delicate and feminine touch to your final look with these chunky dome hoop earrings. While they do add an extra flair to your look, this accessory doesn’t get in the way of your travel comfort, and can be styled and worn at your destination as well! 

Designed to be practical and easy to travel with, this minimalist tote will truly make your life easier while matching your outfit as well.

2. linen blend pants + white t-shirt + cotton sweater + sneakers + weekend travel bag

comfy airport summer outfits

pants | tee | sweater | sneakers | bag

This next look is perfect for those who want to look a little more put together while still keeping comfort as their number one priority.

Start off this look with these black, pull-on linen blend pants. For many of us, being inside an airplane – or airport for that matter – totally negates any need for things like zippers, buttons, or anything slightly uncomfortable, and these trousers are very much on board with that philosophy. This pull-on style could not be better for a long travel day, keeping things flowy, laid-back, and breathable. 

On top, pair it with this white t-shirt – another great piece for prioritizing comfort while also balancing beautifully with the looser fit of the pants.

Carry this cotton crewneck sweater around your shoulder or inside your travel bag to stay prepared for chillier temperatures in the plane or the terminals. Beyond being super practical for a travel day, a good sweater is a great addition to any cute airport outfit and your vacation wardrobe in general!

Even if you are headed to a more tropical location, it never hurts to be prepared with an elegant, super versatile, extra warm layer just in case you need it. 

For shoes, keep things comfortable and efficient the easy way – opt for this pair of sleek white sneakers. For shorter trips, or if you have a lot to bring with you on the plane, this weekend bag is perfect for getting organized.

3. cotton tank + high waist leggings + button-up blouse + sneakers + bucket tote + hoop earrings

comfy airport summer outfit traveling

tank | leggings | blouse | sneakers | tote | earrings

Finding a good airport outfit to wear during the summer can be difficult as you try to navigate different scenarios, temperatures, and practical aspects to come up with the perfect travel ensemble. Leggings make for a great option if you love to be comfortable but don’t want to commit to a thick pair of sweats for your entire trip.

Start off with a simple, sleek foundation – high-waisted black leggings and a black cotton tank top. Over the top, layer an oversized linen button-up blouse for some extra coverage and an additional extra layer for comfort. 

This outfit is perfect for those who are traveling from a colder location to somewhere very warm, as it can be easily adaptable to different temperatures while still remaining lightweight and easy to wear throughout your travel day. 

For accessories, opt for the classics that work every time. A pair of black and white sneakers tie the outfit together, while this bucket tote keeps your belongings safe nearby while also giving your outfit an elevated feel. Finish this look off with a pair of hoop earrings that complete the look without overwhelming it or getting in your way. 

4. high-waisted linen pants + tank + flats + cotton cardigan + hoop earrings + tote

comfy airport summer outfit traveling

pants | tank | shoes | cardigan | earrings | tote

For a chic and elegant airport ensemble that you can walk straight into your vacation with, this next look is it. Lightweight, airy, and super chic, this outfit features a gorgeous pair of high-waisted linen pants for an elevated foundation. This lightweight fabric will keep you cool throughout your journey, while also making a great addition to your vacation closet once you reach your destination. 

On top, this nude tank top pairs beautifully with the trousers, making for an almost monochrome look that seamlessly works together. 

Accessorize with a gorgeous shade of chocolate brown, featured both in your handbag and in your ultra-comfortable shoes that are ideal for walking around all day long. 

In this gorgeous and subtle canvas shade, this cotton cardigan brings some more texture into this almost monochrome look, keeping the timeless appeal of this ensemble intact. As for an easy accessory to style, these dainty hoop earrings add a final detail to your look without impacting your comfort or the convenience of your travel outfit – talk about having airport outfit game!

5. wide-leg linen pant + boat-neck tee + clog + sweater + stud earrings + backpack 

comfy airport summer outfit traveling

pants | tee | clogs | sweater | earrings | backpack

Of course, the right airport look for you will depend greatly on how much time you’ll be spending doing things like waiting at the airport or actually flying towards your final destination. 

For long haul flights or just long journeys in general (did anybody say layover???), wide-leg pants are the perfect place to begin, especially in linen. This striped design is perfect for the summer time, adding some personality and style to your travel outfit while still keeping you ultra-comfortable and ready to tackle your journey. Once again, these pants are the perfect travel look since they can be easily integrated into your vacation wardrobe as well. 

On top, an elevated white tee is an ideal choice for keeping you cool while also contributing to your look. Something as simple as a high scoop neck can take a simple white tee from basic to chic – details make a huge difference! On top, layer a light blue sweater for an extra dose of some summer colors when you get a little chillier. 

Accessorize with a simple, dainty pair of silver stud earrings and a pair of Birkenstock clogs for a perfect mix of comfort and contemporary style at once. To safely and efficiently carry your belongings along with you, opt for this optimally designed travel backpack for all of your in-transit needs!

6. pull-on jeans + cotton muscle tee + slides + weekender bag

comfy airport summer outfit traveling

jeans | tee | slides | bag

This airport outfit is especially ideal for shorter flights and summer trips, when you are looking for an outfit that is still comfortable, but can have a little more structure to it as well.

Of course, jeans aren’t going to be ideal for long-hauls or international flights, but this pull-on style is perfect for those traveling shorter distances to your much-awaited summer vacations. Keeping you comfortable while still featuring a more put-together feel, these pants are amazing for their versatility. 

Pair with a comfy pair of sandals to reinforce the summery style and casual look.

On top, this simple cotton tee features a flattering fit with beautiful short-sleeve detailing, and a gentle scoop neck feature as well. Tuck in your t-shirt slightly for a more intentional, better-fitting overall ensemble. 

To carry your belongings safely without sacrificing your style, bet on this weekender bag that matches both your travel needs and your travel outfit aesthetic. 

7. cardigan + button-up shirt + satin pull-on pant + mule + straw tote

comfy airport summer outfit traveling

cardigan | shirt | pants | mules | tote

It’s no secret that those of us who experience serious winters very much look forward to our summer vacations every year. No matter where you’re headed, it’s easy to understand not wanting to wait any longer to get the party going. On the same note as the last outfit, this look is perfect for shorter travel days when you can’t wait to arrive at your destination in the right vacation mood! 

Start this look off with this fan-favorite, satin pull-on pants. Featuring a super comfortable fit and a beautiful pattern, these trousers will need to come with you wherever you’re headed!

On top, this lightweight button-up shirt keeps your look classy and cool throughout your flight. On top, trade in your winter leather jacket for this beautiful cotton-blend cardigan to add yet another layer of comfort to your flight and your trip. 

This look is really all about the accessories – after all, it’s really time to get into the vacation mood as you head out to the airport. This big straw tote and pair of mules will have you summer-ready while also saving you some major suitcase space as they are the perfect accessories to enjoy your vacation in too.

8. joggers + oversized crewneck + micro-rib short tank + sneaker + crossbody bag

comfy airport summer outfit traveling

joggers | crewneck | tank | sneakers | bag

On the other side of the spectrum, we have extremely long trips, layovers, hours waiting inside an unknown airport, and a few other inconvenient obstacles before getting to our perfect vacation destination. If that’s your case, then this ultra comfy – but still cool and stylish – look might be the one you go for.

Start with this super comfortable pair of jogger sweatpants; perfect for ensuring you stay cozy throughout your entire travel journey. As far as neutrals go, this classic gray shade is also a perfect choice for these joggers as they match nearly everything!

Pair your sweatpants with a cropped tank top that you won’t want to take off. This choice is ideal for this look, balancing out your sweatpants both in style and functionality. For the summer time, pairing your cropped sweats with a thin and breathable tank will make for an outfit you can really relax in. 

If you do get a little cold on the plane, this oversized crewneck will feel like a warm cozy hug, matching perfectly with your pants. 

Finish off this simple, sleek look with some super comfortable and stylish sneakers, as well as a convenient sling crossbody bag to keep your documents and plane tickets safe. 

9. knit lounge set + clog + woven tote bag + chunky hoop earrings

comfy airport summer outfit traveling

lounge set | clogs | tote | earrings

If you’re looking for the best matching loungewear sets out there, I think this might make the cut! Offering convenience just as much as comfort for your time at the airport, this set might have you hitting “add to cart”. Similar to a standard sweat set, this combo makes for the perfect travel outfit for more than one reason.

With a cropped tank top, a cardigan, and pants, this soft loungewear set is perfect for wearing both in the comfort of your own home and the (slightly less appealing) comfort of your airplane seat. This super convenient set allows you to mix and match according to the temperature, while still being easy to carry with you in your bag and great to wear on vacation as PJs or something to wear around your room. 

Dress it up slightly with a gold pair of hoop earrings that make you look a little more put together without inconveniencing you in any way. For shoes, these black slides will be your best friends, along with your favorite pair of cozy socks straight from home.

For a bag, this beautiful woven tote will keep all of your belongings safe and easy to carry around, while also giving your outfit a pop of a different neutral. 

Finding the Best & Coziest Airport Outfit for You

When it comes to travel fashion, finding the right balance between your individual style and comfort takes work, and comfy airport outfits for summer are no exception. At the end of the day, it’s really about keeping your specific needs in mind, as specific travel plans can be extremely helpful in letting us know how to prepare.

Finding your airport style is all about not compromising on aesthetics, and definitely prioritizing true comfort! Whether you go for a chic look or comfy pants and a baseball hat, it’s all about feeling great and honoring your personal style

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