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Fashion on a Budget: 9 Best “The Tote Bag” Dupes

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Designer bags from Marc Jacobs are loved by many, specifically the tote bag. The luxurious tote bag can give an outfit the perfect finishing touch! But, naturally, they come at a hefty price tag. The beautiful bag is priced between $175.00 and $665.00, leaving them hard to reach for many fashionistas. While you may love to splurge on the tote bag and update your handbag collection, splashing out on luxury fashion bags isn’t always possible. Looking for the tote bag dupes is a savvy way to save money.

Luckily, the distinctive design of the Marc Jacobs bag has inspired many affordable options. However, finding the perfect dupe can take a while, as many cheap alternatives are on the market (some from untrustworthy retailers). That’s why we have done the work for you! If you want to make a massive saving on the stylish bag, keep scrolling to find the tote bag dupes.

But before you start shopping for the best Marc Jacobs tote bag dupe, let’s take a brief history of the iconic tote bag.

History of The Tote Bag

In 2019, Marc Jacobs debuted the tote bag collection and the fashion world instantly loved the iconic Marc Jacobs tote bag. It has become such a viral sensation in the luxury fashion world that it seems like it appears on every fashionista’s Instagram feed.

The bag has also appeared in off-duty model looks by Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. It’s easy to understand why the canvas bag is considered perfect! It’s a versatile canvas bag for all your outfits. Plus, it’s the ideal tote bag for everyday use.

This great everyday bag is rendered in a sturdy cotton canvas, but the tote bag can also be found in four different fabrications. The materials include full grain leather, jacquard, teddy, and monogram.

Another key feature of the tote bag is the signature bold lettering that makes it instantly recognizable. The tote bag also features a removable and adjustable strap, top handle, top zip, and a secure top zipper closure. The tote bags are available in various sizes: micro tote, mini, medium, large, and extra large to fit anyone’s preference and personal style.

The Tote Bag Dupes

the tote bag dupes

1. Quince 100% Organic Canvas Small Crossbody Tote

Quince is a treasure trove of bargain designer dupes, including the tote bag. Besides the lettering, look at how similar it looks to the real thing.

It’s a great dupe because the bag is made from high-quality materials. The small tote bag is crafted from 100% GOTS-certified organic canvas cotton, which is similar to the same material as the Marc Jacobs cotton canvas tote. It’s also a great choice because it has a structured shape, giving it a high-end feeling.

What’s more to love about the tote dupe bag are the top handles! They have a nappa leather trim that makes the handles comfortable to hold. Plus, the tote bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap that is identical to the Marc Jacobs the tote bag.

Another feature is the zip-top closure. They look very similar to the tote bag. The bag is also a perfect match to the Marc Jacobs tote because of the coated lining. What’s great about the lining is the water-resistant material, which is easy to clean.

The only significant design difference is that the tote bag doesn’t have bold lettering. Otherwise, this Quince bag is a good dupe. And for a fraction of the price, getting this tote bag is a smart choice. You will save 64%!

And just like the Marc Jacobs tote bag, the bag comes with a dust bag to keep your bag looking brand new.

Bag Reviews: 5-star rating (15 reviews)

“It’s the perfect everyday bag. It’s sturdy, chic, and goes with everything. I love how much it holds, and its waxed-like interior helps keep it clean!”

2. Amazon The Tote Bag for Women

Doesn’t this second bag look like the real deal? If you were searching for the tote bag dupe in a leather material, this affordable bag is calling your name. The bag is made from PU leather, which is different from the grain leather of the original bag.

However, this might be good news for some because PU leather is easier to clean and maintain than top-grain leather. With top-grain leather, you may need an expert to maintain your bag, and this service usually costs hundreds of dollars.

This dupe is also great because it has a zipper closure identical to the original bag. Additionally, it has an interior zipper pocket.

The bag boasts “the tote bag” lettering in a bold font similar to the actual Marc Jacobs tote bag. The only difference is it comes in white, compared to the muted beige color.

The letter graphic tote bag comes in a chic beige color that looks similar to the camel hue of the original bag. Another identical feature is the adjustable and detachable strap. So, just like the tote bag, you can carry the bag across your chest for hands-free styling.

You will love this second dupe not only for its stylish look but also for its spacious interior. You can fit everything from a laptop to a tablet to your phone.

Bag Reviews: 4.2-star rating (1,116 reviews)

“I was so hesitant at the beginning because I didn’t know if this bag would be sturdy enough, and OMG, I have to say the price is a steal! The color is perfect, and the material is pretty good; people compliment the bag all the time. I will definitely buy more bags from this store!”

3. Amazon Canvas/Leather The Tote Bag for Women

If you want to buy the shearling tote bag for winter, but your bank account isn’t quite ready, check out this dupe. This budget-friendly bag looks so much like the genuine Marc Jacobs tote bag.

The shearling trimming around the bag gives it an expensive and stylish look. Plus, the dual top handles are just as functional and classy as the original bag. Another similar feature is the adjustable strap, which is excellent for versatile styling.

What’s more to love about the shearling tote bag is that it’s rendered in premium leather. It’s made from durable materials that are waterproof and sturdy. The bag is also spacious, so you can carry a lot of your everyday essentials.

The styling opportunities with this bag are endless. Use it to accessorize your camel coat and everyday jeans for an elevated winter look.

Do you need more winter styling ideas? Check out this free fall/winter capsule wardrobe visual guide that you can get by signing up here.

Bag Reviews: 4.2-star rating (304 reviews)

“So, my aunt has the original, and I fell in love with it, but didn’t want to spend the money. So I was looking for the perfect Dupe; honestly, I can say I am so satisfied with it, impressed all the way; it is similar to the original one. The material, space, and color were not what I was expecting. In fact, it was way better. If you are looking for a Dupe, this is your best option. I love it and would purchase it again in a heartbeat.”

4. Amazon Mini The Tote Bag for Women

The color block mini tote bag is very cute and luxurious, but it’s rather on the pricey side. Thankfully, there is a dupe available on Amazon.

This is just as fabulous as the mini tote bag (without the $450 price tag). It has many features that mirror the original design. The top handles are similar to the tote bag, and the chic dupe has an adjustable and detachable strap.

Other identical features include the top zipper closure, a beautiful black and light grey color block, and bold letters.

Bag Reviews: 4.6-star rating (36 reviews)

“I love everything about this bag. It’s great quality for the price, and it was shipped very securely. 10/10.”

5. Amazon The Tote Bags for Women

Need a more affordable alternative to the all-black tote bag? This design from Amazon is the perfect choice! It has a lot of similar features to the original bag.

The only major difference is that it doesn’t have the Marc Jacobs logo below the bold writing, and the zipper is very visible on the side of the bag.

Other than that, the bag has identical key features like the top handles and adjustable strap.

Bag Reviews: 4.4-star rating (33 reviews)

“This tote bag is very roomy and made of durable canvas material. You can carry it by the handles, add the strap, and wear it on your shoulder. There is one zipper department on the inside and 2 pockets. It’s large enough to fit your laptop, compact umbrella, wallet, and more. The bag and feel against my body are incredible. I have a real version, and they are costly. Which is why I also love dupes!”

6. Amazon The Leather Tote Bag with Zipper

This elegant tote bag looks similar to the tote bag, so you won’t feel sad for not getting the original. It emulates features like the top zipper, structured silhouette, and adjustable strap.

Another reason it is an excellent bargain tote bag is the spacious interior; you can store your laptop and tablet – making it a great work bag. Just think about how many fabulous and chic work outfits you can create with this bag.

Speaking of work outfits, do you need some business outfit inspo? Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Women (With Examples for Inspiration!)

Bag Reviews: 4.5-star rating (174 reviews)

“I have gotten more compliments on this little purse than anything I have carried. It was high quality for a low price. Many people think it is THE tote bag made by a famous designer. I love it. The only thing I need is a few more pockets on the inside for small things. This is an excellent value for the money. I would purchase it again. I also bought one in pink from the same vendor, the same quality.”

7. Amazon The Tote Bag for Women With Zipper

Amazon has really come through with fantastic the tote bag dupes. For example, this chic accessory. It has the same structured shape as the Marc Jacobs tote bag, a concealed top zipper closure, two pockets, and an adjustable strap bag.

The original version costs an eye-watering price of $225.00, while the dupe is $24.61. Talk about massive savings!

Bag Reviews: 4.4-star rating (551 reviews)

“I purchased this bag as a “tester” to see if I’d like the style/size before deciding to buy the actual Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag. But to my surprise, this bag is so perfect, I don’t even want the real one anymore. The quality of this bag is surprising, especially for the price. And this bag has an inside zip and slot pockets, which the actual bag doesn’t even have.”

8. Amazon Canvas Shoulder Bag

You don’t need to drain your account to buy the tote bag. You can try this fantastic dupe! It will give your outfit a high-end feeling while keeping your account intact.

Just like the original bag, this dupe is crafted from high-quality canvas. It also features the same bold lettering. If you don’t like the leopard adjustable strap, you can always replace it with a matching strap.

Bag Reviews: 4.5-star rating (182 reviews)

“This is a very well-made canvas tote bag. What I really like is that it’s big enough without looking bulky. The interior has one zippered pocket that I use for my keys & small items. I use a purse organizer insert with all my totes for added storage, but you don’t need it. The color is perfect & the strap is bright & colorful. Received lots of compliments.”

9. Amazon Mini Leather Tote Bag

The last dupe to add to your bag collection is this mini tote. It boasts a leather material, an adjustable strap, and a similar font to the original version.

Currently priced at $33.98, this bag is a bargain!

Bag Reviews: 4.6-star rating (123 reviews)

“This was definitely a good purchase. I’ve been wanting the Marc Jacobs tote bag, but I cannot justify dropping $400. I love this bag. The color is so pretty, it’s a great price and fits everything I need. I was pleasantly surprised when checking this bag out for the first time. It is a small bag, but it’s big enough to carry your essentials and a few things more. The material is soft leather, and I really like the handles. The letters are all even on my bag, and it looks well made. It is a good dupe.”

Wrapping Up the World of Tote Bag Dupes

A lot of us love the tote bag by Marc Jacobs, however, the bag is a luxury and carries a hefty price tag. So understandably, you’d want an affordable option.

Thankfully, these 9 tote bag dupes will save you hundreds of dollars!

Now that you know where to find the tote bag dupes, it’s time to look for more designer dupes to complete your closet.

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