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7 Ways to Elevate Your Style (And What You May Be Doing Wrong)

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Looking for ways to elevate your style? Good news, it doesn’t take tons of time and an endless clothing budget to do it. In the end, it comes down to the details. Here are 7 ways to elevate and class up your style in no time as well as the things you may be doing that are bringing it down!

Ways to Elevate Your Style

It is not my intention to offend anyone with this list. These are my personal opinions and it doesn’t mean everyone has to agree. Fashion “rules” are changing all the time, and at the end of the day, wear what you feel most confident in and what works for you! That’s what truly matters. 🙂

1. No exposed bra straps
Personally, I think exposed bra straps look a little tacky. Especially when it looks like you’re trying to “hide” them with nude or clear straps. That does not make it invisible! Furthermore, going for a bright red bra under a racerback tank does not say chic.

There’s no reason to have exposed bra straps when there are a ton of different bra options these days. Strapless, convertible, one shoulder, etc. You name it! These can all work with different outfits to help create an elevated look.

On the flip side, I have seen “pretty” bra straps exposed and I think it works as long as it looks like it was done on purpose.
Instead…bralettes, sheer/lacy bra straps

elevate your style

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2. Consider swapping out your tanktops as layering pieces
I certainly have nothing against tanktops. They definitely have their place as a basic piece in your wardrobe and can look casual-cool when worn by themselves in summer. If you’re looking to elevate an outfit, however, try upgrading your basic tank top that’s used as a layering piece and try a nice lace cami or silk/satin one instead! The luxe material and added lace detail make all the difference.

elevate your style with lace camis

3. Retire your flip flops
There are so many shoe options out there, especially when you want something comfy and easy to put on. I really don’t think cheap flip flops need to be in your wardrobe unless you’re slipping something on to go take out the trash or you’re taking a shower in a dorm room.
Instead…upgrade your flip flops to a nice leather (or leather looking) slide. Just as easy to put on and one thousand times classier.

elevate your style with sandals

4. No socks with sandals
Socks with sandals are something you’d maybe see in high fashion magazines or people that just got done playing sports, but I don’t think it translates well to a chic everyday look. Personally, I think socks with heels look kind of runway chic, but I know many will disagree with me.
Instead...socks with loafers, socks with tennis shoes, and socks with heels (if you feel like taking a risk) 😉

elevate your style

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5. No bandage bodycon dresses
Are you auditioning for Jersey Shore? Hitting the clubs? No? Then you really don’t need a bandage bodycon dress in your closet. There are other ways to look chic and elevated while also highlighting your body’s best features.
Instead… A form-fitting dress that picks one body piece to highlight. You don’t want something short, tight, and low all at the same time. Low v neck? Opt for length and/or long sleeves. Mini dress? Look for one with a higher neck and/or sleeves. Super tight? Close to knee length may be best. Generally, darker colors read as chic while brighter colors can come off as more “party girl”.

elevate your style

6. Don’t buy platform heels (or toss them out if you have them)
I love a little bit of height as much as the next girl. Not to mention certain heels can seriously elevate your look. However, platform heels don’t exactly scream chic and elevated. Now not all platform heels are “bad”. These are cute and boho chic. I’m talking more specifically about the ones with extreme thickness and height (pictured below). That being said, there are some better heels options out there that will elevate your look.
Instead…stilettos, pumps, etc. Something streamlined and preferably with a pointy toe.

elevate your style

7. Keep your Uggs as slippers only
I know many people will agree to disagree with me here and that’s okay! That being said, I’ve personally never been able to get behind the Ugg train. Frankly, they’re shapeless and they look like you forgot you were wearing your slippers while you went to the grocery store. They don’t add to your outfit at all and instead, they take away from it. To be fair, Ugg has some boot styles out that I think are pretty cute (like this one and this one). I bet the standard uggs are comfy but there are more elevated ways to have a cute outfit in fall & winter.
Instead…boots that have a heel and/or some sort of shape to it

elevate your style
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