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12 Stylish Outfit Combinations Using Things You Already Have in Your Wardrobe

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Would you believe me if I said you can create new outfit combinations with clothes you already have in your closet? I know it’s easy to feel like you have a lot of “I have nothing to wear” days because you don’t have new clothes. However, the truth is your closet is brimming with closet staples to help you create new outfit ideas. Because my first post showcasing outfit combinations you already have was such a hit, I’m doing part two with 12 MORE ideas. These outfit combinations will make you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, but most importantly, show you the potential hiding in your existing wardrobe.

Outfit 1: Maxi Dress + Sneakers + Blazer + Tote Bag

easy outfit combinations

dress | sneakers | blazer | earrings | necklace | tote bag

Sneakers are the backbone of most casual outfits, but why not try something different and wear them with dressier clothes?

An easy outfit to create would be to pair your go-with-everything sneakers with a maxi dress and blazer. Use your favorite maxi dress (either from your date night collection or your summer wardrobe) and give it a casual look. The blazer adds a unique and polished touch.

Accessorize with gold (or silver) layered necklaces, hoop earrings to match, and a tote bag to make your whole outfit look effortlessly chic.

Outfit 2: White T-Shirt + Jeans + Trench Coat + Chelsea Boots

trench coat, t-shirt, jeans, and Chelsea boots outfit

t-shirt | jeans | boots | trench coat

Tired of wearing the same white t-shirt and blue jeans combo over and over again? Upgrade the outfit formula by layering on dressy outerwear like a sophisticated trench coat!

To dress the outfit down, complete the outfit with Chelsea boots to achieve a casual chic aesthetic.

Outfit 3: White T-Shirt + Jeans + Blazer + Ankle Boots

easy outfit combinations

t-shirt | ankle boots | jeans | blazer | necklace

Jeans are such a timeless piece to have in a wardrobe and they allow you to put together a lot of classic and casual combos. The next time you want to add a casual chic twist to your jeans, consider pairing them with a black blazer and a basic tee.

Ankle boots are another timeless wardrobe piece that elevates your outfit. Tie everything together with a simple pendant necklace to add some intrigue to your outfit.

Outfit 4: Floral Blouse + White Jeans + Slides + Straw Bag

easy outfit combinations

blouse | jeans | straw bag | earrings | sandals

If you have a statement top such as a floral blouse or a puff sleeve shirt that you find tricky to style, you’re not alone. Perhaps you were online shopping and you thought the top looked cute on the model, but once you got it, you had no idea how to make it work.

When in doubt, pair your statement top with white jeans. It helps to bring balance to the overall look of the top. Finish off your cute outfit with sunglasses, slides, and your vacation handbag. Tuck this look away for the spring and summer!

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Outfit 5: Graphic T-Shirt + Dress Pants + Blazer + Loafers

easy outfit combinations

t-shirt | loafers | pants | blazer | necklace

A great and unexpected way of styling a graphic tee is with high-waisted dress pants. The most obvious choice for a graphic tee is usually something casual like blue or black jeans, but dress pants give an unexpected and stylish look to a graphic t-shirt.

Lean into the edgy vibes with a mixed metal necklace, if you have one. If not, classic jewelry pieces like hoop earrings or layered necklaces will be just as good! The mix of the casual graphic tee with the polished blazer, bottoms, and loafers make this whole outfit look stylish and cool.

Outfit 6: White Button-Down Shirt + Denim Shorts + Ballet Flats

easy outfit combinations

shirt | shorts | flats | sunglasses

If you live in warm climate states, swap your favorite tees for a button-down shirt. Yep, that white shirt you use for Monday morning meetings can be transformed into a summer-ready top!

Give it a casual style by unbuttoning the top buttons and rolling up the sleeves. Pair it with relaxed denim shorts, polished ballet flats, and classic black sunglasses. Your chic warm weather outfit is complete!

Outfit 7: Oversized White Button-Down Shirt + Biker Jacket + Leggings + Sneakers + Baseball Cap

easy outfit combinations

jacket | hat | shirt | leggings | sneakers

Everyone has a pair of leggings in their wardrobe. For something fresh, why not dress it up with your business-ready pieces? Leggings are the perfect base for an oversized button-down shirt.

Next, use your edgy leather jacket because it’s the perfect piece to give a formal top a cool vibe. Plus, it’s a great alternative to a tailored blazer.

Accessories can make a big impact on a look. Do you have a casual baseball cap that you usually reserve for messy hair days or for playing sports with your kids? Consider using it with your business outfits. It will give your entire outfit an off-duty model look!

Outfit 8: Straight-Leg Jeans + Ballet Flats + Cropped Jacket + Sunglasses + Handbag

easy outfit combinations

jeans | flats | t-shirt | sunglasses | jacket | bag

Elevate your basic tee and let it take on a chic and polished look with elegant ballet flats and timeless jeans. Layer on a cropped jacket (preferably tweed, but use what you have) for a polished look.

Grab a pair of sunglasses and a classy handbag to instantly elevate your outfit. End result? Polished, feminine, and chic.

Outfit 9: Striped Shirt + Camel Blazer + Straight-Leg Jeans + Sandals

camel blazer outfit

shirt | blazer | jeans | sandals | bag

Sandals with a blazer? It works. This unexpected styling of your wardrobe basics creates a fresh and fun outfit with a dash of polished, thanks to the striped shirt, classy handbag, and camel blazer.

For sandals, you can use whatever you have, whether that be quilted sandals, chunky sandals, Birkenstocks, or even Tevas!

Outfit 10: Slip Skirt + Sweater Vest + Flats

easy outfit combinations

skirt | top | flats | bag

Though pairing a feminine slip dress or skirt with a cold-weather top may not be the first thing to come to your mind, this is a great transition look or for the climates that have warmer falls and winters.

The mix of a satin bottom with a chunky knit creates interest and intrigue while the flats and handbag add that classy touch.

Outfit 11: Printed Dress + Sneakers + Crossbody + Hoop Earrings

easy outfit combinations

dress (similar) | sneakers | bag | earrings

Easy outfits like this are always worth recreating. Break out whatever printed dress you have in your wardrobe, whether that be animal print, floral, or plaid, and pair it with your versatile sneakers.

All you need to complete this look are some simple hoops and a stylish purse.

Outfit 12: Floral Midi Dress + Denim Jacket + Brown Boots + Tote Bag

easy outfit combinations

dress | jacket | boots | bag

Break out your trusty denim jacket and pair it with a flowy floral midi dress. The jacket adds structure to this look and creates a nice contrast with the dress. With simple tweaks, this can be a year-round look, but this bohemian-inspired look is best worn in the fall or when transitioning to spring.

A silver or gold necklace fills in a v-neck nicely and adds a touch of shine to this look. Coordinate your bag and boots for a complete look!

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Before you add new items to your closet, consider restyling the clothes you already own. Your closet is already filled with pieces that have the potential of being created into many stylish outfit combinations!

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