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40 Minimalist Clothing Brands for Timeless Style

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A few years ago, finding stylish minimalist clothes was not the easiest task. Many clothing brands didn’t have clean lines and timeless designs that speak to a minimalist’s true personal style. Instead, you’d find an online shop with cute basic pieces, but they would be ruined with a random quote about pizza or coffee. You’d also find a bunch of long-sleeved midi dresses in trendy prints, but not any in a neutral color palette. Thankfully, minimalist fashion lovers can now rejoice because the fashion industry has been blessed with many unique minimalist clothing brands. Yes, looking for classic silhouettes and timeless basics just got easier!

There are plenty of minimalist clothing brands on the market, so you will be spoiled for choice. To help you narrow down your options, we have listed the best minimalist brands to help you upgrade your minimalist wardrobe. 

Before you start shopping for the best minimalist clothing brands, here are some quick facts about minimalist fashion that might be helpful for anyone who is still new to minimalism.

What is Minimalist Fashion?

Minimalist fashion is about trimming your closet to wardrobe essentials, creating a capsule wardrobe of minimal clothing. It is a refreshing and practical approach to fashion because it leaves you with versatile and classic pieces at your disposal.

Minimalism fashion also means focusing on clean lines, high-quality materials, and neutral colors. And just like quiet luxury fashion, minimalism doesn’t rely too much on flashy logos or trendy patterns to create fashionable outfits.

Why Minimalist Fashion?

If you’re debating whether or not to be part of the minimalism fashion train, go for it! It will be one of your best decisions. Having a minimalist closet has so many benefits, this includes:

Saving money: The best way to save money on clothes is to follow minimalist fashion principles. Buy closet essentials like linen shirts and basic jeans over trendy clothing because they will always stay in style. You can wear them for many years without looking unfashionable or having buyer’s regret.

Minimalist fashion will also save you money because you will only have high-quality clothes. This is important because you want clothes that will not tear or fade after a few wears. Prioritize adding investment pieces, like $$ or $$$ coats, blazers, shirts, and boots to ensure you save money on clothes that will not last.

Endless style possibilities: We’ve all looked at our closets and thought, “Wow, I have nothing to wear.” You grab a top and struggle to find bottoms that will create a cute outfit, or you can’t figure out what shoes will complete your look.

The secret to always having an outfit to wear for your daily routines is to follow minimalist fashion principles. You will have a great selection of versatile pieces, so you will spend less time mixing and matching clothes. Putting together outfits will be a breeze!

Save the planet: Being a minimalist fashion lover is great for the planet. The more you buy classic, high-quality clothes (with a focus on sustainable fashion), the less waste will be added to landfills.

Now, without further ado, here is a list of top minimalist clothing brands to have on your radar!

1. COS

First up on the list is COS. The brand was created in 2007 and is owned by the H&M group. If you love shopping at H&M, you will enjoy shopping at COS, too.

This minimalist clothing label has everything your closet needs, with some wardrobe must-haves that transcend time and boast innovative designs. The brand also emphasizes sustainable production on all of its clothing pieces, so you can look chic while helping protect the planet.

2. Everlane

Everlane is one of our go-to brands here at MCO! It is an excellent place to find perfect minimalist clothing, with a great selection of timeless pieces.

Need an outfit for your everyday style? Everlane has good-quality basic tees and jeans to upgrade your style. Looking for some clothing for your work wardrobe? Everlane has no shortage of amazing black turtlenecks and button-down shirts that will make you look effortlessly elegant. All of the pieces at Everlane are also made from sustainable materials like organic cotton.

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3. & Other Stories

& Other Stories will become your go-to place for minimalist clothes. This brand offers a great selection of clothes that stand the test of time. You can find everything from evening blouses, cocktail dresses, and summer dresses to cozy sweaters. If you’re on the hunt for minimalist clothes for every occasion, & Other Stories will tick all your boxes.

What’s more to love about & Other Stories is that they place great emphasis on impeccable craftsmanship and sustainability. You will find exceptionally made t-shirts crafted from ethically sourced wool or relaxed Breton tees made from organic cotton.

& Other Stories is also great if you are looking for a minimalist brand with affordable clothes. For your basic t-shirt collection, you can find timeless $20 t-shirts.

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4. AYR

If you’re looking for minimalist clothes, you can wear season to season, All Year Round is a brand you need to check out. As the name suggests, the minimalist fashion label has clothes you can wear all year round.

It has classic, versatile essentials to help you nail the minimalist fashion aesthetic. You can find everything from oxford shirts, sophisticated cardigans, polished sweaters, and everyday jeans. The price point is quite high, but they’re great investment pieces for your closet. Once you splurge on these premium quality clothes, you don’t have to worry about your clothes losing shape or tearing.


Create a timeless wardrobe with clothing from ADAY. The brand prides itself on offering versatile wardrobe essentials that do not negatively impact the environment.

If you’re looking for the perfect white button-down shirt, ADAY has some exceptionally crafted shirts with a relaxed silhouette and chic collars. In addition to the shirts, ADAY offers matching sets like loungewear pieces for a chic at-home style. Need to upgrade your work-from-home style? Check out their timeless sets.


LOULOU Studio was born with an emphasis on designing modern and timeless pieces for every woman who loves French simplicity. They have irresistibly chic, ready-to-wear pieces that you will love.

You can find long-tailored coats, twill blazers, and elegant clutches to spice up your outfits. The price points are high, so if you’re looking for investment pieces for your wardrobe, like a classic leather bag, LOULOU Studio is the place to be!

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7. Nothing Written

Nothing Written is a Seoul-based women’s label founded on the principles of making impeccably clean and minimalist clothes. The brand offers a minimal line of handbags, tops, and dresses defined by a neutral color palette and clean lines.

The pieces are also characterized by high-quality materials like angora and cashmere. Want to get started with their top styles? The croissant-shaped shoulder bag and mini golf bag are the most popular designs.

8. Marlies Grace

Marlie Grace is a great name to know when shopping for minimalist clothes. The luxury label was founded in 2022 by Verena Martin in honor of her late mother, Marlie Grace.

The brand offers elevated clothing for the modern woman. You can find everything from feminine and powerful maxi dresses to flattering skirts to timeless accessories. Marlie Grace has everything you need to create your forever wardrobe.

9. Leset

Leset was launched based on the idea that clothes should be “comfortable enough to wear at home and nice enough to wear out.”

The brand offers a collection of classic clothes, including tops, bottoms, and dresses in neutral color palettes. So, if you need to stock up your closet with some timeless basics, Leset has you covered.

10. Paris Georgia

Paris Georgia was founded in 2015 by best friends Paris Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie (hence the name Paris Georgia). Each piece is designed to be a modern classic for “the discerning woman.”

The brand uses opulent fabrics to create silhouettes that flatter the female form and stand the test of time. You can find dresses, skirts, coats, and jackets that are perfect for building a minimalist closet.

11. Arket

Arket is one of the best minimalist clothing brands to have in your collection. The Swedish brand offers a wide range of modern, classic, and sustainable clothing pieces.

You can find rib-knit sleeve tops, oversized cotton shirts, leather crossbody bags, satin skirts, and more. This sustainable fashion brand has no shortage of clothing items that will help you create the best classic outfits. What’s more to love about the brand is the affordable price points!

12. Toteme

Minimalist fashion lovers swear by Toteme to find undoubtedly chic and classic clothes. The brand was launched in 2014 by Karl Lindman and Elin King in Stockholm, Sweden.

Though a pricier brand, Toteme was founded on the principles of designing clothes with style and modern flair. The brand’s ready-to-wear collection includes tailored blazers, cashmere sweaters, and silk scarves for all-year-round styling.

13. Calvin Klein

It wouldn’t be a minimalist clothing brand roundup without Calvin Klein. This brand does more than sell underwear; it has a wide assortment of modern and sophisticated women’s clothing.

Their denim collection is exceptionally good. Need a denim jacket or a new pair of jeans? Calvin Klein has everything you need. It also has great-quality faux biker jackets and basic white tees.

14. Jenni Kayne

Don’t sleep on Jenni Kayne. This California lifestyle brand aims to help women live well. What people love is that it offers wardrobe essentials to elevate a woman’s everyday uniform.

The brand also focuses on designing high-quality clothes that last from season to season. For spring and summer, you can find chic polka-dot slip dresses. Jenni Kayne also has structured blazers and jackets for your work wardrobe.

15. Amour Vert

Amour Vert is beloved by minimalist fashion lovers for a good reason. The brand has a great selection of women’s clothes in classic prints and quality fabrics like linen. There are plenty of clothing items you can mix and match to create stunning minimalist outfit ideas.

What makes this minimalist clothing brand is that it has a focus on sustainability. With every t-shirt you buy, the Amour Vert plants a tree.

16. Mate the Label

Mate the Label is loved by sustainable and classic fashion enthusiasts. The brand prides itself on designing essential clothes that are made to last, not only in quality but also in style.

The most popular pieces are tees, tank tops, joggers, and poplin shirts – classic basics that will help you build the perfect outfit. All these clothing pieces are made of non-toxic fabrics, like organic cotton and merino wool.

Do you need help building a classic wardrobe? We have a free wardrobe shopping list for you that you can access here!

17. Cuyana

If you’re unfamiliar with this popular brand, let us introduce you to Cuyana. This minimalist fashion brand was founded to provide fewer but better versatile and easy-to-style clothes.

The brand offers sustainable staples like a “9-to-5 system” of chic work clothes, seasonal staples, and necessities. The brand has everything you need for your minimalist style.

18. Zara

Minimalist clothing brands | Photo credit: Zara

Zara is known for offering designer minimalist dupes. So if buying minimalist clothes from designer brands is out of the budget right now, Zara has you covered.

The brand has a great selection of tweed jackets, tailored pants, and everyday basics. And the best part? You don’t have to pay thousands to create a flawless minimalist wardrobe.

19. The Curated

Minimalist clothing brands
Minimalist clothing brands | Photo credit: The Curated

Come right this way for your new favorite minimalist clothing brand! The Curated is a Swedish brand founded to create classic, high-quality closet staples.

You can find everything from coats, classic leather bags, knitwear, and other essentials to help you put together minimal and elegant outfits.

20. Reformation

For timeless wardrobe staples and minimalist special event outfits, check out Reformation – you will not be disappointed with their designs!

This sustainable brand has a great selection of sophisticated dresses for date nights, work events, or just a simple get-together with friends.

21. Sézane

Sézane is a favorite here at MCO and will also be your go-to brand. This Parisian fashion label was founded by Morgan Sézane in 2013.

The clothes pay homage to Paris, meaning you can find insanely chic designs. Think Breton tops, crisp white button-down shirts, straight-leg jeans, knit cardigans, and more. The quality of the clothing pieces is designed to “last for a better tomorrow”, so you can feel good about your investment in quality minimalist clothes.

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22. Massimo Dutti

Get the best minimalist style with clothes from Massimo Dutti. This Spanish brand was born in 1985 as an exclusive men’s label but later expanded to womenswear in 1995.

The designs have clean lines, neutral colors, and an elegant flair! Perfect for year-round dressing. Looking for easy and classic clothes? Massimo Dutti is the brand to know.

23. Uniqlo

There is a lot to love about Uniqlo. The Japanese brand has a great selection of modern classics in elegant hues. You will find chic dresses, suits, and casual pieces in soft and organic fabrics, so you can find great formal outfits with a comfortable everyday feel.

Need outfits for your trip to Europe? Uniqlo has a wide variety of classic summer clothes, from tailored shorts to striped vests with French modernity.

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24. Club Monaco

Club Monaco is also a great minimalist brand worth checking out. This Canadian brand was introduced to the fashion world in 1985 to create “better basics.”

It has everything you need to build a great capsule wardrobe, from blazers to white t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, and more. Most of the pieces from Club Monaco arrive in a neutral color palette for easy and versatile styling.

25. Madewell

This minimalist clothing brand list would not be complete without Madewell! As the name implies, Madewell is all about designing high-quality clothes that are “made well” without negatively impacting the environment.

From wide-leg jeans, straight-leg jeans, and curvy jeans to skinny jeans, this sustainable clothing brand has one of the best selections of jeans out there. Besides their amazing denim line, you can find basic white tees, sweaters, shorts, jackets, and more in neutral colors.

26. Aritzia

The next minimalist brand on the list is Aritzia. If you’ve never heard of Aritzia, the Canadian brand was founded in 1984 with the goal of making clothes that are everyday luxuries that upgrade your style.

You can find everything from activewear to elevate your workout wardrobe to effortlessly chic dresses, shirts, blouses, and blazers for all occasions.

27. Organic Basics

The brand, Organic Basics, have everything you can expect: sustainable wardrobe essentials. Organic Basics takes a minimalist approach to fashion by offering classic silhouettes and earthy hues for everyday styling.

What’s also great about Organic Basics is that the brand has clothes at affordable prices. For example, you can find $26 – $30 t-shirts!

28. Theory

This New York City-based brand, Theory, has high-quality basics for everyday wear and formal dressing. You can find various innovative and comfortable clothes that will complete your minimalist closet.

The style of clothes from Theory can be described as sophisticated, easy to wear, and versatile. Some of the most popular pieces from Theory are timeless essentials like high-waist slim pants, V-neck cardigans, and sleeveless fitted dresses.

29. NA-KD

NA-KD is a Swedish brand that offers staple pieces for a woman’s capsule wardrobe. Since 2014, the brand has never disappointed with its collections.

The brand offers classic accessories like shoulder bags and sunglasses. In addition to its accessories, NA-KD offers polished blazers and laid-back jeans that are fit for the modern and stylish woman.

30. Up West

Up West is the perfect combination of sustainability and style. The brand focuses on selling comfortable clothes made with natural and sustainable fabrics in classic and fashionable designs.

Also, the eco-friendly minimalist brand has “anytime essentials” like jeans, tops, and dresses.

31. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a great brand to have in your minimalist closet. Founded in 1984, the brand has since delivered clothes that are effortlessly elegant. Not only do the clothes have a sophisticated allure, but they are made from sustainable fabrics too.

You can find timeless organic linen shirts, organic cotton tops, and more versatile pieces. The price point is quite high, but worth it if you’re looking for high-quality wardrobe staples that will last for a very long time.

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32. Veneka

If you live a minimalist lifestyle, Veneka is the brand you need to check out. It is the place to find amazing “timeless treasures” for your capsule wardrobe.

Veneka is also a great brand to have on your radar because it takes a sustainable approach to fashion. Some of the most notable pieces that people love from Veneka are the comfy dress shirts, ribbed boatneck long-sleeves, and slim-straight jeans.

33. Quince

For all women who have a timeless style, I highly recommend you check out Quince. The brand is great because it offers high-quality essentials like sweaters, leather jackets, linen shirts, and more at affordable prices.

It’s truly a gem for anyone trying to save money while maintaining a minimalist style.

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34. Jil Sander

There is a good reason why so many minimalist fashion lovers can’t get enough of Jil Sander. The brand has perfect ready-to-wear pieces with elegant and minimalist designs, including belted coats, puffer jackets, and plain shirts with a chic flair.

Jil Sander is a luxury brand, so the prices are steep. However, if you want to spoil yourself with luxury minimalist luxury clothes, Jil Sander is a good pick.

35. The Frankie Shop

The Frankie shop was founded by Gaëlle Dreve to design clothes for women who want to look and feel good.

The brand has minimalist pieces to be added to your shopping cart, from transitional clothes like coats and jackets to leather midi skirts in sophisticated hues.

36. By Marlene Birger

If you’re looking for a simplified wardrobe, Marlene Birger is one of the best minimalist clothing brands to shop from.

The brand offers high-quality pieces with a contemporary flair, as well as classic clothes. This includes pinstripe two-piece sets, flats perfect for wearing on vacation, and polished outfits for your 9-5 wardrobe.

37. House of Dagmar

Get the perfect minimalist look with pieces from House of Dagmar. The brand has clothes for every day, vacation, and cocktail wear. All the designs have a classic silhouette and a neutral color palette.

38. Raey

Raey is an in-house luxury brand from Matches Fashion. It was launched in 2015 and has since grown a large following because of its timeless pieces.

The brand offers seasonless and elegant clothes, such as wool jackets, suede trench coats, striped cashmere sweaters, and more.

39. Blacktogrey

Need pared-back wardrobe staples? I highly recommend Blacktogrey. The brand makes classic garments that are made from sustainable materials.

On their website, you can shop styles like organic cotton blend maxi dresses, short-sleeved t-shirts, and effortlessly stylish and comfortable trousers.

40. ABLE

The last minimalist brand to know is Able. This Nashvile-based brand is so timeless and chic that you won’t be able to resist getting a lot of pieces!

Their simple yet stylish clothes include button-down shirts, ruched dresses, knit cardigans, leather jackets, and handmade jewelry.

Key Takeaways of Minimalist Clothing Brands

Sustainably-made clothes: Most minimalist clothing brands focus on crafting clothes that consider the planet throughout the process. From paying workers a fair wage and sourcing sustainable materials (like organic cotton, merino wool, and linen) to designing versatile and timeless clothes you can wear for years.

A balance of modern minimalism & class: Minimalist brands like to mix timeless design with contemporary elements.

Quality over trends: Many minimalist brands prioritize designing exceptionally crafted, high-quality clothes over making clothes influenced by fads.

Create Your Own Minimalist Wardrobe

The fashion scene has seriously stepped up its game for minimalist fashion lovers. From The Curated, Madewell, COS, and more, now there is a whole array of great minimalist clothing brands that make it easier than ever to create the best minimalist wardrobe!

Now that you know where to shop for minimalist clothes, let’s get down to business with a minimalist shopping checklist! Where to start or what essentials to include? This next post will help you out!

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