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Nasty Gal Clothing Review: Does It Live Up to the Instagram Photos?

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Nasty Gal Clothing has been making waves in the fashion industry for its unique and daring designs, all showcased through their highly curated Instagram feed. With countless influencers and celebrities donning their pieces, it’s hard not to be tempted to add some Nasty Gal items to your wardrobe. But does the brand’s clothing live up to the hype? I tried out the clothes to find out. Let’s dive into my Nasty Gal review.

Unpacking the Nasty Gal Brand

Starting with the name, Nasty Gal has a very specific bold brand image geared toward young women, as you can see. And I’ll be honest, the brand’s rebellious image is not really my style. But there’s no denying that the unique style makes a statement and they offer some unique clothes that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Color me intrigued.

It’s clear that Nasty Gal is aiming to make a statement in the fashion industry, and with so many clothing brands out there, well, it’s not a bad approach. But what lies behind the on-trend social media photos and aesthetically pleasing marketing campaigns?

First, let’s take a closer look at the founder, Sophia Amoruso. Known for her unconventional journey to success, Amoruso built Nasty Gal from an eBay vintage store into a global online retailer.

Now on the Nasty Gal website, you’ll see mention of Boohoo. Boohoo acquired Nasty Gal in 2017 and founder Sophia has now switched gears to investing and mentoring entrepreneurs.

You can’t deny that Amoruso’s story is inspiring – creating a global fashion brand from an eBay store and then empowering other entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality, but how does it translate into the quality of the clothing?

Clothing Quality

blazer (sold out, similar) | pants

To get a good feel for the whole brand, I ordered several different pieces, from shoes to dresses.

After all, everyone wants to know, “Is Nasty Gal good quality?”

The real answer? Sometimes.

Like most fast fashion brands, this is generally not a super high quality online fashion retailer. The first time I made an order here, I had a “miss” for every “hit”.

The “misses” were either too small, fit oddly, or the material felt too thin and cheap. For example, this feather trim dress looked like I was swimming in a (albeit fancy) white garbage bag.

But on the other hand, there were some pieces that surprised me with their quality. This black velvet dress, for instance, is absolutely darling and fit perfectly.

Then there were some Nasty Gal dresses I wore in a TikTok video, like this edgy maxi dress and satin dress that looked and fit just like how it did on the models.

Overall, the quality isn’t amazing, but it’s not an awful quality either. Compare it to Boohoo or H&M. I do think they’re better than Shein clothes though.


When it comes to online shopping, it’s always a bit of a gamble, especially when you can’t physically touch and try on the items before making a purchase.

And as you know, when it comes to online shopping and ordering the right size, reviews are key. Unfortunately, Nasty Gal doesn’t allow for any clothing reviews on their site, whether positive reviews or negative reviews, so you aren’t able to read how something really fits or if you should size up or down, based on what other shoppers suggest.

This makes choosing the right size extra difficult, especially since they are in UK sizes, and these different sizes lead to a lot of frustration and negativity.

I’ve received items that were either too big or too small, even when following the size charts provided. Overall, the Nasty Gal sizing is probably the most frustrating thing about the brand.

After trial and error, now I order what size the model is wearing or a little bigger. I never order a smaller size, even if my normal size is a 2 or 4 in other brands. Once I started ordering US 6 size clothing, I had better luck with my finds.

Customer Service

Like most companies these days, Nasty Gal has an automated assistant. So though you likely won’t get the chance to speak to a real person and experience great customer service, I have made a few returns and never had an issue. And thankfully, I never had any missing items in my orders.

Return Policy

Though I haven’t had an issue returning items, the return process takes a very long time to process, and they’re not free. Though their website says up to 14 days, some of mine definitely took more than a couple weeks.

Nasty Gal Shoes Reviews

They don’t carry a lot of large sizes which is unfortunate to those with bigger feet (hello, it’s me). But from my personal experience, though the shoes are very cute, they are not very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


When you hear UK based brand you may think that it takes a long time to get your order. It doesn’t! I always received my orders within a few weeks and found the delivery date to be accurate.

Free shipping is offered, however, you have to spend a minimum of $70. If your order doesn’t meet those requirements, then standard shipping starts at $3.99 – not bad. Express shipping is offered starting at $5.99, and you can expect your order in up to 2 business days.

Payment Method

From Afterpay to PayPal, they offer many different payment methods.

nasty gal clothing reviews


Is Nasty Gal Worth It?

To sum up my Nasty Gal clothing review – overall, my feelings are mixed. Some pieces were a letdown and I am making an effort to prioritize sustainable fashion.

But on the other hand, I found the perfect pieces I needed for an event without breaking the budget. For me personally, this is not the place for investing in your wardrobe or purchasing wardrobe staples; that’s what Everlane is for.

Nasty Gal is the place for party looks, a concert outfit, a festival outfit, or any type of statement look. If you keep proper expectations and order larger than you may think you need, you may be pleasantly surprised with your unique special occasion look.

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