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A Skims Review from Someone That’s Not Easily Swayed by Social Media

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If you’re reading a Skims review then you probably want to know if you should fork over your hard-earned dollars to Kim Kardashian West. After all, Skims products are being raved about constantly and Kim K looks great in her own shapewear brand, but how does that translate to the rest of us? You know, the ones not “naturally born” with a perfect hourglass shape and voluptuous behind?

Whether it’s her Insta famous boucle lounge set or her ever so promising waist trainers, it’s only natural to wonder if it’s worth purchasing something from Skims.

Truth is, I’m not easily swayed by social media. When I see something that’s popular, I take a no-frills approach and I won’t like it just because everyone else does. In fact, that may even turn me off a little! But when someone asks me if something is worth it or not, I like to have an answer. Here’s my first time Skims review!

Skims Review- My Experience

On the Skims website, you’ll find a wide range of products with a wide size range from push-up bras, a cotton collection, and even cozy loungewear for the whole family. I mean, what business ventures can’t the Kardashians do?

One quick look at their best sellers and you’ll see a triangle bralette, t-shirt bra, boxers, leggings, and so much more. In this review, I’ll be focusing on some of the best-sellers being the cozy knit tank set, control brief shapewear, and cotton jersey t-shirt.

Cozy Knit Tank + Cozy Knit Short

It’s cute. It’s comfy. It’s cozy (but not crazy soft). I got my normal size and did not have any fit issues. A size S was the perfect fit for me.

I love that the shorts are high-waisted and the knit tank isn’t super cropped. I can wear them comfortably around the house without feeling exposed.

It’s perfect for feeling cute around the house and your Insta snap of a “lazy Sunday”, but wow, it’s overpriced. Over $50 for each item feels like too much for me. After having the items, I would probably pay closer to $20 per piece. And now, there are so many dupes out there you can easily get the look for less.

Some reviewers mentioned shedding, but I didn’t have any issues with that.

So, if you don’t have a problem with the price and you really want it, then I think you may find it to be super cute and comfortable. But all in all, is it worth the price? That’s a no for me.

What other women are saying:
“This is my first purchase with skims and I got the whole set. I won’t only speak for the robe as honestly every piece feels great on the skin. It’s hot where I live so I won’t wear the tank/pants all the time but this robe?!?! YES! Daily!! ?”

“I don’t love the cozy collection as I’d hoped I would. The color & fit of the tank is ok but the fabric goes everywhere & on everything. It’s also not as flattering as the models make it look. I’d give it a miss in the future”

Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

The t-shirt looks crazy small when it arrives, like maybe I got it for my toddler (okay, not that bad), but it’s a really stretchy fabric, and miraculously, it fit, though it is pretty fitted. There are so many different colors of the tees, but I went with basic black.

And you know, I’ve got to say that I kinda dig this tee. Like, a lot. I think the fit is pretty perfect. I actually like that it’s a fitted, girlfriend look. It’s very soft and seems to be of good quality. I love it on its own, but it’d be a great layering piece too.

I think that it’s a bit more expensive than it needs to be. It is pretty thin, after all, and I can only assume that the other colors would be see-through. For something like this, I’d probably want to pay closer to $35, but is it worth it? That’s a yes for me!

What other women are saying: “I’ve been searching for the perfect tight t shirt for years, literally been buying from every brand available and they are all terrible. FINALLY found the perfect one can’t believe it. It’s super soft and stretchy.”

“Love the fit and color of this T-Shirt but the stitching around the neck is fraying after wearing two times”

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Core Control Brief Shapewear

Last but not least, Skims shapewear. After all, Kim is known for her smooth perfectly sculpted body, so it’s only natural that she sells something so we can all look like her, right?

Sarcasm aside, truthfully, I was pretty impressed with the control brief shapewear. My first impression, though, is that they were tiny! But since these babies are meant to stretch, I wasn’t too worried. And turns out, I had no reason to be. With a little tugging, I was able to get them on.

I’ll admit, they were a little too tight, giving me a slight muffin top look when I wore them, but nothing too noticeable. Some women said theirs constantly rolls down but I didn’t have that issue.

It’s no surprise that I’m not naturally an hourglass and yes, I’ve got a stretched-out postpartum tummy, but I will say the shapewear created an instant hourglass look and hugged me in all the right places, all the while smoothing out the belly area.

There are not a lot of negative reviews and now I can see why. Though I won’t wear these briefs around the house (though they do fit under jeans), they would be perfect for a special occasion when I want to look snatched. Just learned that word, btw.

So all in all, are they worth it? That’s a heck yes from me!

What other women are saying: “I LOVE THEM! I wore mine with jeans and a body suit for a party and kept getting complements about how skinny I looked! The hour glass effect is INSANE! Now I understand how KKW gets it!

“Quality of the material feels very nice but I ordered a small and it was very tiny It gave me a muffin top and kept rolling down which was annoying. I am usually a small in clothing but this was just too tight. I wanted something to wear when I wear tight dresses and this wasn’t it. I think I full bodysuit would be better to avoid the rolling down or maybe ordering a size up.”

Final Verdict- Is Skims worth it?

Depends on what you buy! I guess it would be unrealistic to expect that a Kardashian line wouldn’t be overpriced. Some of their items, like the cozy lounge set, are just not worth it. But some of their other items, such as the shapewear and t-shirt, are best sellers for a reason. If you just want to get your feet wet with Skims, there are best sellers under $50 that you can try.

Though it’s my first Skims review, it’s not my first Kardashian review. Keep reading for an honest look at Good American.

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skims review
skims review


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