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Chic Design Tips to Style a Parisian Apartment

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Parisian apartments seem to embody the best of both worlds when it comes to balancing design elements. The most inspirational photos (and real-life examples) of Parisian apartment/French apartment style I’ve seen have the perfect blend of antique and modern, elegant and cozy, unique and traditional elements.

Of course, there are plenty of different styles that are found within Parisian apartment aesthetics. Whether that be the grandeur of Versailles or a more contemporary style, there are plenty of ideas to be found that can be incorporated into your own home to bring a little bit of French apartment living to you, no matter where you live. Read on for some inspiration to help you bring the charm and elegance of a Parisian apartment into your own space!

1. Versailles Inspired Decor

parisian apartment french apartment style versailles inspired decor inspiration

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When it comes to the different subsets of Parisian-inspired decor that you can find inspiration from, if you prefer an elegant, traditional style, then you’ll probably like elements on this Versailles-inspired mood board.

To achieve this look, you’ll want to curate a collection of ornate, classical pieces. In this case, searching for treasures in your local antique shops will be a great place to start.


Gilded, ornate furniture comes to mind first when I think of Versailles-inspired design. This gold mirror will shine in any room, whether it’s utilized over a fireplace mantel, on a dresser, or in a sitting room. A large mirror such as this is also a strategic design choice, as mirrors help reflect the light in smaller rooms to make them appear larger.

Light fixtures are also a great way to bring the Versailles-inspired look into your home. Crystal chandeliers and moody candles offer soft, elegant lighting to any room, whether that be your bedroom, living room, or dining space. And if you have great natural light in your space, even better! Large windows and high ceilings are another marker of the palatial architectural style.

Although not every home will come with working, built-in marble fireplaces, luckily there are alternatives out there at an affordable price to achieve a similar look in your living space. For example, standalone fireplace mantels are widely available (even on Amazon, like the one below) and come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes.


When it comes to wall coverings, don’t be afraid of wallpaper to achieve the Versailles-inspired look. And if wallpaper isn’t your style, bold but soft colors will help to contribute to a similar atmosphere. Also, don’t forget details such as crown molding, chair rails, and ceiling medallions. These may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but they’ll go far when it comes to adding an ornate, maximalist look to your room.

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If you’re analyzing real photos of the Palace of Versailles, you’ll notice that parquet flooring is particularly popular (I’ll touch on this in the next section). However, marble would also make for a great choice depending on the room you’re decorating. It offers the same sort of grandeur and might be more fitting than parquet when it comes to an area such as the kitchen or a bathroom.

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2. Parisian Modern Decor

french decor parisian modern

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The modern Parisian apartment/French apartment style offers a beautiful balance of organic and inorganic elements, cold and warmth. When it comes to colors, this aesthetic tends to favor a clean base, such as white walls, and wooden floors. French style comes through in the layering of furniture, decor, and other details – from marble bookends and tables to gold frames and wall sconces.


Paris apartments are full of a variety of fabrics and styles when it comes to furniture. Furniture sets are not typically found in French style, and you’ll often find pieces that complement rather than exactly match each other.

A statement couch is a popular choice to draw attention to a focal point in the living room of a French apartment. For instance, this green couch in a luxe fabric with wooden legs is a great example of a timeless piece that also acts as an anchor in your design.

As you look at the rest of your space, mixing textures is the perfect way to balance old and new, modern and traditional. An ornate, gold frame is the perfect way to balance the look of a sleek marble side table. Iron bookends, meanwhile, complement the look of soft white drapes, and a wooden coffee table.


Parquet floors are a staple in French homes. Parquet flooring is a type of wood flooring featuring distinctive, repetitive patterns. Historically this type of flooring was made by assembling it piece by piece, but now, most parquet floors come in tile form. From herringbone patterns to checkerboard to chevron, there’s a wide variety of styles to fit all kinds of tastes.

Besides wood, you might also consider flooring elements made of tile, or stone. These offer a balance to soft fabrics and furniture that you might use to decorate your space.

3. French Country Decor

parisian apartment french apartment style parisian modern decor inspiration

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French country style is the most “lived-in” style of the three subsets of French style. Markers of the French interiors include rustic comfort, soft patterns and hues, and unique, vintage accents. The traditional style balances decor items from a flea market with elevated pieces like crystal chandeliers or a quality coffee table.


Warm, organic wood tones are the perfect way to set the foundation of your French country space. Whether you prefer a more traditional style of hardwood flooring or if you like the look of parquet floors, wood tones will help to balance out the other elements of this design.

And if you already have hardwood floors that are a little worn, don’t worry! The worn wood look is another staple of French country design, so no need to spend your entire budget on new ones, or refinishing them.


Soft colors are often a staple of French design and Parisian apartment/french apartment style. Whether that be muted blues, greens, or pinks, these colors are often found alongside warm neutrals.

Wallpaper is another popular choice when it comes to Parisian interior design. You’ll notice that even the wall coverings embody a sense of history and tell a story, sometimes in the very pattern or symbols found in the design.

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When you go to decorate with French country design in mind, vintage elements are a great place to start. Antiquing is a fun adventure in and of itself, and you can find great deals on all sorts of finds that otherwise might be very expensive if you were to buy them firsthand.

Some items to keep an eye out for would be ceramic pots and lamps, vintage vases and dishes, and furniture items like wooden side tables, benches, etc. Antique pieces offset the starkness of more modern finds.

Decor is also a great place to bring color to your space. Whether it’s in an ornate rug or in the fresh flowers that fill your vases, a pop of color will instantly add warmth and life to your space.

French country decor is also the perfect design aesthetic in which to bring in heirloom pieces that tell a story and are meaningful to you. Whether you display your mother’s apron or grandparent’s hutch, pieces with a sense of history only add to the Parisian style. They also add an important piece of you to the room!


If you’re looking to invest in a furniture piece for your own home with some French flair, look for comfortable pieces that are as beautiful as they are practical. A cozy reading chair will never go out of style, and one in a pattern or print is the perfect way to bring a bit of your personality to the piece. A padded ottoman bench, meanwhile, is the perfect addition to a hallway or entryway to stop at to tie your shoes.

Bring French Style Into Your Own Home

You don’t have to live in a centuries-old building to achieve the look of a chic Parisian apartment. Whether you have a more contemporary style or traditional style, there is inspiration for you found in French interiors.

The lessons that I always take away from the Parisian apartment/French apartment style include: layer and curate your space like you would a gallery wall, search for secondhand treasures, and balance design elements like light and dark, hard and soft. I’ve started to incorporate these lessons into my own home decorating, and I love the results – hopefully, you will, too!

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