9 Amazon Beauty Products Under $20 That Actually Work

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Usually the saying, “You get what you pay for” is true. After all, I’ve had way more success with $100 shoes compared to $10 shoes and medical-grade skincare compared to something from the dollar section. But every once in a while, you’ll come across some affordable and inexpensive Amazon beauty products that actually work. And though everyone is different and unique, these are 9 affordable picks that I love that just may work for you too.

1. Hair Growth Castor Oil Serum

Nobody likes bald spots. And thanks to my postpartum hair loss, I had several. This product finally helped stimulate hair growth in my stubborn bald areas. I can see why it has a 4.4 rating and best yet, it’s way under $20.

Not much more to say besides, yes, it works, and yes, it’s affordable! But you can see my full review with before & after pictures here.

2. Pimple Invisible Spot Cover

Small but mighty is the best way to describe these. These pimple patches are almost undetectable when applied and do a great job of healing spots. Now, don’t expect a miracle and for your pimple to disappear overnight, but I’ve always noticed an improvement at the very least.

This is a very handy beauty product to have for skincare emergencies that I think everyone will appreciate having in their bathroom closet. Plus, not only do they work, but it’s nice to have a barrier for the inevitable pesky pimple so you keep your hands off. They’re worth it for that reason alone!

3. Facial Cotton Rounds

I love these because they’re on the thinner side without being so thin they can’t hold product. I ditched cotton balls once I realized how much they soaked up my toner. That’s just a waste of precious product!

Plus, in all the years I’ve used them, they’ve never shed or left white fuzz all over my face. (I do know people that use washable cloths as a reusable option. That’s a good choice too.)

4. Underarm Brightening Cream

Some women are lucky to have smooth, bright underarms. Not me. I’ve always had to deal with dark spots and razor bumps. But over time and with consistent use, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement since using this product.

My underarms have lightened and I have fewer razor bumps too! It does have a pretty strong fragrance FYI, so I just use this at night before bed.

5. Magnesium Supplement

I’ve had pretty significant sleep issues for years and recently, I figured out I have obstructive sleep apnea. And though a magnesium supplement doesn’t cure OSA, these pills, recommended by my healthcare provider, work wonderfully to help me relax and get naturally sleepy.

I always take mine at night before bed because, for me, I start feeling really sleepy in about 20-30 minutes. If you struggle to relax and shut off your brain at night, magnesium can be a HUGE help! (Of course, check with your doctor first.)

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Not technically a beauty product, but constantly squinting your eyes can cause wrinkles, so see? All connected.

If you’ve got eyes and you work from home, these glasses are a must! I’ve noticed less eye strain and headaches since using these and it’s almost an instant difference. And though you can find blue light glasses almost everywhere now, these have over 100k reviews.

The only downside is that they can smudge easily and be hard to clean at times. But if you just want to try them out to see if they work, the price is very reasonable.

7. Strong Hold Hair Pomade

I use this for my son’s hair, but any woman with a striking pixie hair cut à la Halle Berry or Audrey Hepburn could benefit. After trying out different gels, I’ve concluded that this has the best hold for keeping a style in place all day!

Plus, it’s been tested by my very active 4-year-old. So we know it can hold up to almost anything. A little bit goes a long way for an effortlessly tousled look.

8. Weighted Light Blocking Eye Mask

Okay, not technically a beauty product either, but this eyemask is a dream. Though eyemasks are nothing new, this one has eye cutouts so the mask isn’t squishing your eyelashes all night. Genius, right? But wait, there’s more. (I sound like I’m doing an infomercial right now.)

It’s also weighted and adds pressure that actually feels nice. Plus, this blocks light really well. Though I don’t wear this mask every night in my own home, sometimes my husband wants to stay up in bed and read and even a small book light is too annoying for me. Now with this mask, I don’t notice the light at all. Even when it’s shining in my face!

9. Native Sensitive Deodorant

Years ago I switched to natural deodorant and though overall I like the change, most natural deodorants have baking soda in them. For some people that’s fine, but for me, baking soda gives my underarms a rash.

Natural deodorant is not as strong, so yes, I do have to reapply throughout the day. But this is paraben and aluminum free and best yet, no baking soda! Bye-bye rashes.

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You know what they say: It’s the little things. And if the little things can improve life and not break the budget, well then, sign me up! To see other great Amazon finds, keep reading: Say “Bonjour” to These 53 French Parisian Finds From Amazon


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