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13 Classy Spring Nail Designs That Will Elevate Your Nails *and* Your Outfits

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Spring season is here! And if the flowers are blooming, so should your nails. The changing of the seasons is the perfect time for a change of nail colors. So, get your nail polish remover and wipe off your dark and moody winter nails in favor of fun spring nails. But not just any spring nails, classy ones. If you are excited about spring and you are ready to switch up your nails, then here are classy spring nail designs to try for your new manicure!

1. Pink Base With a French Tip

classy spring nail ideas

If you can’t decide whether you want French nails or pink nails, you can mix both designs for a unique and classy look! The pale pink combined with the white tip is so refreshingly spring. Plus, the French tips are irresistibly chic.

2. Glazed Nails

classy spring nail ideas

Though these reached peak popularity in 2022, they still make a great option for spring nails. Thanks to its creamy, iridescent glow, glazed nails are perfect for a subtle, classy finish.

3. Pastel Pink

classy spring nail ideas

Spring is the perfect time to rock sweet, candy-colored hues. After all, they are the perfect color to symbolize the warm, optimistic energy of spring. If you want to add some classy mood-boosting pastel nails to your everyday look, then a soft pink is the color for you!

4. Minimalist Floral Designs

classy spring nail ideas

Floral nails are a fun way of celebrating the arrival of spring. There is just something about flowers that feels so fresh and exciting! For a classy finish, opt for a dainty floral design.

5. Pearl and Gold Accents

classy spring nail ideas

Take your manicure up a notch by experimenting with 3D nail art. To achieve this look, you’ll need a nude or pink base color to act as a canvas for the pearl embellishments. For an extra touch, add a simple gold accent.

6. Diamond Accents

classy spring nail ideas

If bright spring colors aren’t your cup of tea, I’ve got good news for you! You can try a simple look and this classy spring nail idea is a perfect choice. Simply add a few diamond accent pieces to a french manicure for a classy spring nail design.

7. Basic Pastel

pastel nails

Basic pastels are the perfect spring nails. They aren’t fussy and hard to get right. And the best part? There’s a color for every skin tone. Elevate your natural nails with different pastel nail colors, whether that’s soft yellow, pale blue, light pink, or lavender.

8. Pink French Tips

classy spring nail ideas

More of a unique French manicure kinda woman? This spring idea is calling your name. Take French nails to the next level by layering a bold pink over a soft pink.

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9. Pink Ombre

classy spring nail ideas

Save this to show your nail technician for the next time you go to the nail salon! The colorful ombre gradient nails give off a dreamy look in a subtle finish. For an extra touch, choose a glitter polish.

10. Glitter Nails

classy spring nail ideas

The sun is shining again and so should your nails! Give cute spring nail designs some glitz and glamour by adding a little bit of glitter. This style can jazz up all of your spring looks.

11. Sage Green

classy spring nail ideas

Spring is a lovely time to experiment with fun colors. For a classy take, pick the subdued hue of a vibrant color. Green is the perfect pick because they can be transitioned into summer as well.

12. White Nails

classy spring nail ideas

White nails are a surefire way of achieving fresh spring nails. This color can make your hands look sun-kissed. And even better is that white nails will match all your outfits!

13. Stripe Nails

classy spring nail ideas

Stripes are also an iconic print for springtime. If they look great as a top and sweater, imagine how lovely they would look on your nails! Experiment with the number of stripes, whether you’re looking for a subdued style or a bold statement.

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These classy spring nail designs are just what you need to look spring-tastic all season! Now that you have chosen your classy spring nail designs, it’s time for your spring outfits. Up Next: 11 Impossibly Chic French Spring Outfits Worn in Paris


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