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Show Your Nails Some Love With These 15 Cute Valentine Nail Designs

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while you may be more stressed about what to wear or finding the perfect gift for your significant other, be sure not to forget to show your nails some true love. One of the best parts about February 14th is getting a cute manicure. You have the perfect excuse to try many fun Valentine’s nail designs!

Do you need help finding the best Valentine’s Day nail art? We have you covered. Whether your plans for the holiday of love involve an intimate candlelit dinner or wine with your best friends, we have Valentine’s Day nail ideas for you to try. From classic styles like red nails and French tips to creative ideas, scroll on to get inspired!

1. Red Nails for a Hot Date


What better way to celebrate the holiday of love than with romantic red nails? They are the true symbol of love. You can opt for a variety of red nails- think rose hues, candy red, ruby, berry red, and apple red.

The best thing about these romantic hues is that they look great on every skin tone. Plus, red nails will pair perfectly with red lips.

2. Classic French Manicure (With a Red Twist!)


A perfect way to take your nails to the next level is with this classic style. However, instead of going for a white design- try red French tips!

To achieve this look, you will need a neutral base that matches your skin tone or a clear coat to make the red tip pop. Add a few gold rings to your fingers to create a chic appearance for your date.

3. Short Stiletto Nails With Little Diamonds

Red is the official color of Valentine’s Day, so of course, it would be only right to rock red nails for this hallmark holiday. Try the stiletto shape if you want to try something different from the usual square or oval shapes. Stilettos are a classic shape, especially when they are short.

If you don’t feel like getting your nails done at the salon, you can do them yourself. I made these press-on nails at home, and you can too! (Trust me, it was very easy.)

To get started, you will need a pack of clear nail tips. Pick the nail sizes that fit perfectly on all your nails. The next item you will need is press-on nail stands! These are very handy when you need a sturdy place to paint your nail tips.

For a manicure that lasts (and has a high-quality sheen), you need red UV nail polish. Since it is a UV nail polish, it needs to be dried with a UV nail lamp. You can find some affordable nail lamps on Amazon to help you achieve a salon-quality finish.

The next items you need are a box of rhinestones for decorating your nails! You won’t be able to pick them up and place them on the nails with your fingers, so you will need a wax pencil. Place the rhinestones on the cuticles to make the nails look extra eye-catching. Don’t forget to apply a topcoat on the nails and the rhinestones to keep your nails looking new.

4. White Manicure With Gold Foil


If you’re not really a Valentine’s Day person but still want pretty nails, you can try something different from the usual red nail polish. Feast your eyes on this perfect set of nails! There is something about this gold and white combo that gives off an effortless, feminine elegance that we love.

You can rock this design on your natural nails. All you need is some white polish and gold foil. A pro tip to get them on perfectly is with some nail tweezers. Make sure the white nail polish is still quite tacky to make the gold pieces stick on easily.

5. Gold Glitter Nails and Pink Tips


It doesn’t get any cuter than these nails! You will want to screenshot this picture to show your nail tech or to recreate it at home. The bright pink on the tips is very on theme for Valentine’s Day. What makes this design extra unique are the gold lines across the nails.

6. Matte Pink Nails With Diamonds

Baby pink is an exceptionally cute nail color to rock on Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun and sweet way to elevate your nails. However, instead of going for glossy cotton candy pink nails, try a matte finish.

Make your nails feel less basic by adding little diamonds on the tips. Remember to apply a glossy top coat on the diamonds, so they don’t look dull.

7. Polka Dots With a Romantic Flair


If you need a simple design that is not too cheesy for Valentine’s Day, go for polka dots. Take a romantic take at the polka dot design by having red and white dots. Make sure the base of your nail is nude or pale pink to make the polka dots pop! For a little more fun, you can add a few small diamonds.

8. Kiss Print Nails for Galentine’s Day


There is no better time to rock kiss print nails than on Valentine’s Day! They will make your hands look so kissable. Go for white, pale pink, or nude nails as a base, and stick on kiss print stickers. Apply a top coat to keep the stickers on.

9. Teddy Bear Nails To Match Your V-Day Gift

This adorable design is a great way to pay homage to the day of love. Have the teddy bear nail design on a few fingers to keep your nails well-balanced. Apply the stickers over a V-Day shade, like soft purple.

10. Pink Nails in Different Shades

If you are just like me and your favorite color is pink, why not go for different shades of pink? You can go for a pastel pink shade, hot pink, or fuchsia. The end result is subtle yet interesting.

11. Ombre Designs

Ombre nails might be one of my favorite Valentine’s day nail designs. The gradient will surely catch your date’s eyes on date night!

12. Red Heart Nails

Red heart Valentine's day nail art
Valentine nail designs

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your nails? Heart nails are always a great idea on Valentine’s Day. You can transform a simple manicure by adding cute little hearts. You can try long press-on nails for a special date and remove them after. However, if the length is too long for you, you can also rock short nails.

13. Pink & Red Abstract Nails if You Can’t Pick One Color


Can’t choose between red and pink? Rock both! Start with a red base and add a pink abstract shape to make your nails stand out!

14. Rose Nails To Pair With Your Bouquet


Roses are red, violets are blue, and these nails would look beautiful on you! To achieve this look, all you need is nude nail polish, a top coat, and some romantic rose stickers.

15. Black Hearts for a Lowkey V-day


This cool nail design is calling your name if you are the type of woman with a black wardrobe. The black French tips and the black heart nails will make you stand out from the crowd.

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These 15 best Valentine’s Day nails will help you celebrate in style. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take these nail designs to the nail salon or try your hand at creating them at home!

Still don’t have an outfit for Valentine’s day? We have you covered with these cute finds!

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Valentine's day nail ideas
Valentine nail designs


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