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The Best Chanel Dupes for Handbags and Slingbacks in 2024

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If you are anything like me, you understand the magnetic appeal of Chanel. Having earned its reputation as one of the most coveted luxury brands in the world, Chanel speaks for itself as its high-end goods effortlessly take the spotlight every time. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that budgets don’t always align with style dreams when it comes to high-end brands like the French giant. But don’t worry! If it’s the Chanel aesthetic you’re after, there are plenty of ways to achieve a similar look without breaking the bank with the real thing.

If you love the Chanel vibe and a good deal, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Chanel dupes out there; from different handbag styles to the trademark slingback pumps. Available in different price points and designs, these bags might just do the trick when it comes to adding a dash of chic and affordable elegance to your collection.

chanel dupes

Chanel Large Boy Bag (TheRealReal, Pre-Loved, $2,925.00) vs. Rebecca Minkoff Love Chevron Quilted Crossbody (Nordstrom, $328)


Featuring a structured rectangular silhouette and clean lines, the large Chanel Boy Bag gives off a modern and edgy appearance, presenting a slight contrast to some of the more classic, trademark models of the brand.

With a front flap, gold-tone hardware, and the famous interlocking CC logo, this quilted design on the black lambskin bag blends both the timeless beauty of the brand with a modern touch. 

A chunky chain-link shoulder strap with leather is one of this style’s unique features, adding to its edgy aesthetic. 

Rebecca Minkoff

Similar in size and structure (though it’s a little smaller!) the Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody is a good option for those looking for a Chanel Boy Bag dupe. Featuring chevron quilted patterns on the black leather, this design offers a similar texture to its Chanel counterpart.

Also including a front flap secured by a turn-lock closure, this bag comes with both gold-toned hardware detailing and a chain-link and leather strap. 

While details for both of these styles do differ, they offer a similar general look when styled with the outfit of your choice, adding sophistication, functionality, and a soft edge to your ensemble. 

Chanel Quilted Chain-Link Bucket Bag (TheRealReal, Pre-Loved, $2,880) vs. Tory Burch Large Fleming Soft Bucket Bag ($598)


Just like many other styles in the world of cyclical fashion, bucket bags have made their rounds in popularity over the years. Back in high demand in 2024, this gorgeous Chanel Bucket Bag makes a statement wherever it goes.

Originally released in Karl Lagerfeld’s 2019 Collection, this bucket bag features black leather, the brand’s trademark quilted pattern, and a chain-link accent. With a drawstring closure at the top, this Chanel bag maintains the traditional bucket bag structure, also including protective feet at the base, the interlocking CC logo, and gold-tone hardware.

Sleek, functional, and jaw-dropping, this handbag provides a blend of structured and slouchy, with lots of space for all of your everyday essentials. 

Tory Burch 

When it comes to dupes, this Tory Burch bucket bag does a pretty incredible job appearance-wise. Through a stunning pin tuck quilting technique, this bag features a gorgeous exterior pattern that results in a look similar to Chanel, with added texture. 

Also traditional in its bucket shape, this bag includes a drawstring closure, as well as brass hardware and a tubular top handle that brings its own unique charm. Spacious and chic, this bag is sure to make a beautiful and long-lasting addition to your handbag collection.

Chanel Small Business Affinity Flap Bag (TheRealReal, Pre-Loved, $4,500) vs. Tory Burch Mini Kira Chevron Quilted Leather Top Handle Bag (Nordstrom, $348)


Originally released in the Karl Lagerfeld 2017-2018 Collection, this Chanel Small Business Affinity Flap Bag is a delicate, charming design that’s perfect for nearly every look. Versatile, compact, and chic, this shoulder bag features a top handle and chain-link shoulder strap, as well as the interlocking CC logo and gold-toned hardware. 

A classic turn-lock closure at the front, dual exterior pockets, and protective feet at its base make for some additional details to this sought-after piece. Front and center, its front flap features the brand’s iconic quilted leather touch.

Though it doesn’t feel right to call a Chanel handbag “simple”, this delicate design is the perfect accessory for more occasions than I can think of – after all, we know just how much a good-quality little black bag gets used!

Tory Burch

Slightly smaller in size, this mini Tory Burch handbag is another great high-quality option for fans of its Chanel counterpart.

With a slightly more rectangular structure, this gorgeous bag features a similar front flap and top handle, with quilted leather detailing that contributes an elegant texture to the piece. A chain-link crossbody strap makes for a similar fit, while gold-toned hardware also brings an added touch of sophistication and quality to the bag. 

chanel dupes

Chanel Classic Small Double Flap Bag (TheRealReal, Pre-Loved, $3,400) vs. Karl Lagerfeld Agyness Lamb Crossbody ($78.98)


When it comes to the most famous Chanel bag of all time, the Chanel 2.55 takes the prize. Introduced by Coco Chanel herself in February 1955, this bag quickly became a symbol of timeless style, elegance, and luxury.

As an update to this trademark style, Karl Lagerfeld designed and released the Classic Flap Bag in 1983. As a result, both bags have become closely associated with the fashion house to this day, known and recognized by many as one of the most popular Chanel designs. 

Featuring a turn-lock closure at the front with the CC logo, gold-tone hardware, and Chanel’s signature black quilted leather, this vintage handbag has become a true symbol of status and fashion history throughout the years.

With a chain-link shoulder strap, a single exterior back pocket, and 5 interior compartments, this handbag can be said to be the true definition of a luxury fashion staple. 

Karl Lagerfeld Paris

With a goal of bringing Karl Lagerfeld’s trademark style to consumers around the world at a more accessible price point, Karl Lagerfeld Paris offers a wide range of ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, and footwear. 

This crossbody bag seems to do exactly that, bringing aspects that seem to mirror some of the design choices of the iconic Chanel style. 

Made from lambskin and featuring signature leather quilting, a flap closure, turn lock, and chain details, the bag’s description includes confirmation of the inspiration behind this design, mentioning a “modern nod to the brand’s prestigious past.” Gold-tone detailing on this design is the final touch for this accessible Chanel dupe. 

Chanel Medium So Black Classic Double Flap Bag (TheRealReal, Pre-Loved, $6,200) vs. CEDDEOS Black Crossbody Bag (Amazon, $33.99)


Tonal hardware makes this all-black Chanel Double Flap Bag iconic in its own right, resulting in an edgier look when compared to more classic versions with gold-toned hardware, for example. 

This monochromatic handbag features all of the characteristics of the Classic Double Flap style, keeping the trademark features of the brand front and center. Made from black leather and originally from the 2017-2018 Collection by Karl Lagerfeld, this bag is particularly exclusive for its rare features. 


This Amazon dupe offers a similar feel to the original style, contributing a subtle edge to any look. Relatively similar in size and shape, this CEDDEOS handbag is available at a very accessible price point, praised for its quality by various reviews. 

Made from faux leather, this handbag is the perfect dupe for accessorizing your outfits in style while keeping your bank account happy.

Featuring silver hardware, this bag steers slightly away from the original in this way. This makes for the most visually significant difference between this dupe and the original Chanel design: a lack of the monochromatic feel of the “So Black” style.

Despite the difference in this detail, this bag is still a great alternative if you’re looking for a Chanel dupe that steers away from the popular gold-toned hardware. 

Chanel Lambskin Quilted Bi-Color Mini Top Handle Rectangular Flap (Fashionphile, Pre-Loved, $6,400) vs. ER.Roulour Quilted Crossbody Bag (Amazon, $39.99) 


For those of you who love to integrate some color into your outfits through accessories, colorful bags are a great way to do it. 

Besides being a mouthful, this beautiful bi-color Chanel bag truly stands out amongst the more classic and understated styles of the French fashion brand. Small and delicate, this design is made with quilted lambskin leather and features a leather-threaded chain-link strap that beautifully complements the gold-tone CC turn lock. 

Inside, a navy blue interior adds yet another layer of charm to this piece, complete with both interior and exterior pockets.  


While not comparable in size, this green quilted handbag is a great dupe alternative for integrating the essence of the gorgeous green Chanel into their collection. 

This affordable dupe mirrors a lot of the iconic characteristics of the original, from the chain-link strap and the color to the gold-toned hardware. Extremely well-reviewed and available in various shades, this design is a great way to integrate some of the brand’s iconic trademark features into your looks and experiment with different colors and accessories. 

Who knows? Green might just be your new go-to! 

chanel dupes slingbacks

It doesn’t take a fashion expert to know and love Chanel bags for their iconic status, quality, and style, but they are far from being the only popular item from the iconic brand. 

As warm weather inches closer and you continue to plan your spring and summer wardrobes for the year, finding an elegant, staple shoe is an important task – and I got you covered. 

Chanel Slingback ($1050)

Introduced in 1957, the first Chanel two-toned shoe would come to define the luxury brand in its own right. Admired as the epitome of elegance from its conception, the Chanel cap top slingback was designed meticulously by Gabrielle Chanel.

According to Vogue, the beige color of the shoe was chosen to elongate the shape of a woman’s feet, while the black toe was meant to shorten the tip and further protect the toe from the effects of repeated use. 

Having gone through several renditions and been eternalized in different styles, this truly iconic shoe has stuck around to this day, as versatile and chic as ever. Easy to match to hundreds of outfits for its elegant look and neutral colors, the Chanel slingbacks also happen to make for the perfect addition to any classic spring and summer wardrobe. 

If you are after the look without investing in the real deal, there are many quality dupes out there to explore! 

DSW Kelly & Katie Eliana Pump ($39.99)

With the same size heel as the original shoe, this Kelly & Katie option is a great dupe to consider adding to your shoe collection. 

Slightly darker in its beige color, this slingback features a very similar structure to the Chanel pump. Its patent cap toe detail stands out with a shiny finish, and its silhouette rises slightly further up, covering a little more of the sides of your feet.

With a delicate gold-toned clasp, this shoe is easy to wear and stays secure as you walk (or dance!). 

Daniela Block Heel Slingback Pump by Jon Josef ($195)

This style is another option that holds an incredible resemblance to the original Chanel style, flaunting an elevated and chic feel. Along the sides, its silhouette seems to fall very similarly, exposing more of the sides of the feet with an asymmetric design. Featuring a slightly shorter heel and a cushioned footbed, this shoe is a great option for staying comfortable and elegant throughout the day.

In terms of color, this Chanel alternative also features a slightly darker beige than the original. 

Slingbacks Flats with Cap Toe ($58.50)

While these J.Crew Factory shoes are technically dupes for the flat version of the Chanel shoe, I thought it would be a great option to include for those who aren’t looking for heels. 

Accessible and beautiful, these shoes are made from synthetic leather, including a rubber sole and a minimal heel. Symmetrical on the sides and featuring, again, a slightly darker and peachier color than the light beige on the original design, these flat slingback shoes are ideal for adding an understated layer of elegance to any spring or summer look. 

Women’s Hamden Pointed Cap Toe Slingback Pumps by Vince Camuto ($99)

On the other side of the dupe spectrum, these Vince Camuto pumps include a slightly taller heel than the original slingback, as well as an ivory color that leans more towards cool tones than the warm light beige of Chanel. 

With a symmetrical design, this option also includes a slightly more pointed-toe detail. Made from leather with a synthetic lining and rubber sole, this shoe also offers quality materials that will contribute an elevated feel to your outfits for a fraction of the price. 

The History of Chanel

Bringing together world-class quality, materials, craftsmanship, and a history of tradition, Chanel has maintained its fashion house status since its breakout moment in the 1920s. Known globally for its highly influential role within the fashion industry, Chanel has continued to expand its business over the years to include ready-to-wear collections, accessories, beauty products, and so much more. 

Beyond having earned its name within the beauty and fashion industries, Chanel has achieved even more impressive feats. By successfully adapting to inevitable consumer preferences and market trends, the French brand has continuously established its dominance over the luxury market. When talking about classic, elegant, feminine pieces, there are few brands as widely recognizable as Chanel. 

Even if you aren’t particularly interested in the history of the brand, designer pieces, or luxury items, the quality and artisanship of Chanel purses are still something to admire. Exceptional craftsmanship, premium materials, and, of course, the famous Chanel name mean that these pieces, both old and new, also include a hefty price tag. 

The collective admiration and aspiration for handbags and shoes from this iconic brand have resulted in a wide variety of great dupes – more affordable, similar styles that can give you a taste of the coveted brand. And now hopefully, you’ve found just the piece you’re looking for – without breaking the bank!

Great Quality Chanel Dupes & (Many!) Options

Luxury handbags and shoes can be great investments when you are ready – but it certainly is not the only way to integrate classic, timeless pieces into your outfits. 

Dupes are a great way of experimenting with your closets and finding affordable alternatives to quench your fashion thirst. Whether you are testing out a style to see if it’s worth the investment or simply looking for a cute Chanel-style bag for your collection, there are hundreds of available options out there for you!

From extremely similar styles to inspired versions that might even be a better fit for your needs, there are a ton more options where these came from; after all, adding a touch of elegance to your closet never has to cost more than what you are willing to spend. 

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