Home accessories to live like a French Girl from Amazon

How To Live Like a French Girl Using Things From Amazon

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It’s easy to understand why we gravitate toward Parisian style and culture – there’s something about it that just exudes quality, thoughtfulness, and elegance. But you don’t have to frequent French boutiques to get the same look and feel in your everyday look and home. If you know what to search for, Amazon has plenty of options for makeup, skincare, home décor, and even furniture that help to achieve French style. I’ve rounded up 30 products that will have you (and your home) feeling more classic chic than ever.

Home accessories to live like a French Girl from Amazon
  1. Wine Glasses – Wine glasses are an essential in a French girl’s apartment. Although it sounds counterintuitive, thinner glasses are actually better when it comes to quality!
  2. China Set – A nice set of china or tea cups not only serves a functional purpose but also as décor if you pick up a pair with a more vintage-inspired look.
  3. Glass Coffee Cups – In case a guest stops over for a cup of espresso, these glass mugs will look beautiful no matter what beverage you use them for.
  4. AD Coffee Table Book – You’ll find coffee table books in many Parisian and French apartments, as they not only serve as decoration but also as conversation starters. Choose books that cover a topic you’re interested in, like architecture, photography, fashion, etc., and whenever you have a few spare minutes, they’re an easy source of inspiration.
  5. Espresso Maker – This espresso maker is great because you don’t have to be a full-fledged barista to use it. This one has 4.8 stars, comes in a beautiful neutral beige tone, and is compact – making it great for cozy kitchens.
  6. Jo Malone Diffuser – This diffuser is well-known for its sophisticated and subtle scents. Diffusers are great because you don’t have to worry about remembering to blow them out, and so they’ll leave your home smelling beautiful 24/7.
  7. Linen Sheets – French girls love linen sheets because they’re easy to wash, hold up well over time, and are great for every season. Plus, these are a French linen set, small batch-sourced from Normandy, and 100% organic.
  8. Diptyque Candle – Diptyque is a Parisian brand – in fact, their very first shop was located at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris and was begun by a few friends in 1961 who wanted to open a boutique with a simple concept, full of things they loved. They’re now known internationally for their fragrances.
  9. Vogue Coffee Table Book – Paris is known for fashion, and Vogue is a great source of inspiration for not only French fashion, but style from around the world. If you’re ever in need of outfit inspiration, open to a page in this book and try to recreate the look.
French Girl beauty finds from Amazon
  1. Blush Tint – French makeup typically focuses on a more natural look, and a buildable cream blush will give you the ability to go more subtle if you want a hint of sun-kissed skin.
  2. Micellar Water – French women are more focused on skincare than makeup, and one of the most important parts of skincare is fully removing your makeup at the end of the day. Micellar water will help dissolve any products on your skin, which you can then follow up with your preferred cleanser.
  3. Mirror Compact – If you’re out and about all day (especially if you live in a bigger city and are walking a lot), a compact is a small but great tool to throw in your bag. A compact is also perfect if you’re accenting your makeup with a bold lip, for touch-ups if you need them.
  4. Red Lip – French women typically choose between their lips or eyes when it comes to daily makeup. If lipstick is more your style, a deep red is forever a classic. This brand offers a variety of shades. If you haven’t tried it before, look up the undertones of your skin to help find a shade of red that most complements it.
  5. Nude Nail Polish – Parisian women tend to stick to more natural nails, and when they do choose to paint them, they choose classic colors like neutral or red shades – YSL and Chanel being especially popular for brands. Emulate a natural nail with just a hint of color using a lighter shade of pink like this one from OPI.
  6. Hand Cream – This French product is a 2-in-1 moisturizer and primer, and has over 18,000 5-star reviews on Amazon alone. It’s suitable for all skin types and has even been recommended by celebrity makeup artists.
  7. YSL Concealer – The YSL brightening concealer is another great product for a no-makeup, makeup look. It can conceal and brighten any spots you wish – whether they be dark spots, acne, or maybe just places you want to highlight, like the tops of your cheekbones or the bridge of your nose. It’s a great standalone product if you opt not to wear foundation.
  8. Lotion – L’Occitane is another French skincare brand. Made with organic shea butter, it will keep your skin hydrated year round and is available in a small size to throw in your purse for on the go.
  9. Sunscreen – Sunscreen is another key ingredient to great skin and anti-aging. An essential for a natural look that will last you long into the future.
  10. Bath Salts – Women in Paris walk a LOT, and if you’re like me, I always associate beautiful, clawfoot tubs with the quintessential French apartment! These bath salts not only smell great but also help soothe your skin after a long day.
  11. Cosmetic Bag – Keep your makeup products and skincare organized in a classic leather makeup bag, which is also great for traveling.
Home furniture and decor from Amazon that are French/Parisian inspired.
  1. Floral Art – Besides bringing dried florals into your home (which is another very popular staple in French homes), floral artwork adds an organic, softer element to help balance out neutral colors or bold statement pieces.
  2. Provincial-Inspired Art – Another way to bring in French-inspired elements is through artwork that exudes French landscapes, towns, or cities, like this print. You can also find prints like this through antiquing or thrifting.
  3. Chandelier – Chandeliers are a popular statement piece in Parisian apartments throughout the city. This one from Amazon gives old-world charm, without the price of an heirloom fixture.
  4. Candlesticks – Candles are an easy way to add a warm, romantic feel to any space. Elevate their look with gold or brass candlesticks. They’re great on fireplace mantles or on your coffee table.
  5. Bistro Set – When you think of Paris, the famous balconies overlooking the city or the Seine may come to mind. Especially in a big city, outdoor space is a luxury, no matter the size. A small bistro set like this will work even on smaller patios and decks, and will give you an elegant spot to read the paper and drink your espresso.
  6. Patterned Rug – A patterned or colorful rug is another way to bring in a point of interest into French apartments, where Parisians often opt for more neutral wall colors.
  7. Gold Lamps – Other than candles, lamplight is another great way to bring in warm, soft light to your space. These two lamps would work well on end tables, or even on your kitchen counter.
  8. Ornate Mirror – Mirrors can serve as more than just functional. They help to make small spaces seem larger (especially if you live in an older building where the rooms may be smaller), plus an ornate mirror like this one can help to serve as a work of art.
  9. Statement Chair – The floral pattern on this chair provides visual interest, but the neutral color would help it blend with a couch that may be something other than neutral. Its legs and shape give it a classic, French cottage feel.
  10. Rustic Desk – This is another dual-purpose piece, as it’s beautiful and functional. It’s also giving a French cottage, rustic look and would look great in your living room as it’s small enough that it wouldn’t have to be assigned to an office.

Being thoughtful with what you’re bringing into your home is the key, no matter where it’s from. Thinking about how you’ll use a product, and where, will get you in the mindset of being more intentional with how you shop, and where you spend your money. Whether your aim is function or beauty, or both, you can find Parisian-inspired products all over – even on Amazon!

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